Monday, August 7, 2017

WATCHING THIS OLD EPISODE OF JOHN STOSSEL'S old FOX Business show. Main debate of the show the pros & cons of Texas & California. Two states both the largest of the union with very different policies as far as guns, taxes, regulations, etc. One egregious one involves sending youths to a psychologist for their sexual orientation - yeah that's going too far let parents decide what's best for their child and hopefully the child will know what's best for them.

Recently I see that in California some far left Democrats want to recall a Democrat legislative leader only because he appeared to have made a prudent decision not to continue pushing for single-payer health care in California. Some people are just dead-set on doing something which could prove to be very costly, and yet it's just the right thing we need to do this now!

Anyway here's the Stossel episode [VIDEO]