Saturday, August 12, 2017

HUFFPOST: How A Group Of Black Progressives Derailed Black Progress
The argument from black progressive activists is persuasive. They proffer neoliberalism, liberal economic philosophy that allegedly views citizens as consumers, has taken over our political imagination. They argue the Democratic Party has adopted a neoliberal philosophy that undermines the marginalized and the have-nots. They cite the devastating statistics in crime, education, poverty, and so on, that in many cases got worse for blacks under Democratic leadership. They believe in a radical conception of democracy that extends beyond electoral politics. Many no longer believe electoral politics is the platform through which the liberation of black people and their universal freedom will be achieved.

As a result, some intellectuals and activists have sought to encourage blacks not to participate in the political process, or have argued for modified versions of a limited black political participation, masked as strategic engagement.

Each of these arguments is worthy, but not at the expense of achieving material-based, quality-of-life improvements for blacks in the short term.
I think I read this correctly as this article seems to argue why Black America should've voted for Hillary Clinton last year and that this held back Black progress.