Saturday, August 12, 2017

CHICAGO'S HOTTEST BLOG: Who & What, Are The African Americans?
Are African Americans the descendants of ALIENS? No! African Americans are the descendants of Africans. Like why in the hell can't people grasp that very elemental point?!

In essence there's really no such thing as a Black or White race in're either African American, Chinese American, Mexican American, Puerto Rican American, European American, Native American, etc!

African American is a tribe. The African American has a culture that consists of family, faith, food, music, education, and economics. The African American speaks many languages. The African American has several rites of passage, initiation processes, fraternities and sororities.  
My personal idea being a African - or Black - American is as much a nationality as an Italian, Irish, Mexican, etc. And to be fair because Whites comprise so many nationalities, "white pride" essentially is a dumb concept for that reason alone. Perhaps a reaction to - although conceivably racist reaction - to the idea of Black pride.