Thursday, August 31, 2017

REASON: What the alt-right gets wrong?

I think this explains the many positions of the alt-right as best as possible. Reason makes sure to repudiate any individual who holds any racist or white supremacist views who may have at one point considered themselves Libertarian. Even if they didn't I'd still consider myself one, and definitely wouldn't feel at home with the more "progressive" amongst us. [VIDEO]
Most of this list in California with sparing mention of locales in Hawaii and New York. Now we know where not to move to if we expect value and not have a high standard of living. And also avoid California at all costs, especially.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

NEWSWEEK: Berkeley Mayor Calls for Antifa to be Classified as Crime Gang After Clashes at Weekend Protest

Political violence by "Antifa" needs to be reigned in. Berkely is a left-wing town even they're beginning to realize this. It's bad publicity!
EIGHT BEST FRATERNITIES IN AMERICA via Town & Country which includes Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Them amongst other fraternities exclusive of the "Divine 9".

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Shared by Steve Bartin of Newsalert. Below is a tweet with a link to his post....
And here comes the video, I'll watch it with you! [VIDEO]
PEPE THE FROG GRINDS AND DANCES BEHIND the former future first woman President of the United States during a debate. We hear Mrs. Hillary Clinton - former US Senator and US Secretary of State read from her memoir What Happened? talking about her debate with now President Trump. A hilarious juxtaposition I'd say. [VIDEO]
YESTERDAY, MORNING JOE CALLING OUT "antifa" for what they are. The title of this video essentially is MSNBC is finally covering violence by antifa [VIDEO]

Monday, August 28, 2017

THE IRONY OF THIS STORY IS THAT "antifa" were sporting no hate signs however they were actively involved in assaults. Perhaps looking for reasons to assault people such as a photographer for example whom they only suspect was a Trump support. Ahhhhh, the state of America right now!

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Saturday, August 26, 2017

AGAIN, THIS IS THE GIFT WE GIVE TO THOSE DREADED WHITE NATIONALISTS! They will have a rally elsewhere to say "they hate us". And all because:
A Black Lives Matter leader from Louisville, Kentucky, is demanding white people pay for their inherent sin of being white by adhering to a 10-point list of demands, which includes small gestures like giving up your home and leaving your property to a minority family when you die.
Demonizing a whole group or race of people causes this narrative of "they hate us". Being a racist or white nationalist is bad enough, but increasing being white is a problem. Something is wrong with that logic!

JK ROWLING IS SAVAGE man watch out who you attack out there in the world...

Friday, August 25, 2017

I'M GOING TO HIT THE SACK AFTER THIS ONE, as I type this a hurricane is making landfall in Texas. And of course our President took to Twitter to discuss his response to the storm. Here's his most recent one.
If you're living in Texas or Louisiana - although most of the coverage of Hurricane Harvey regards Texas - I'm hoping everyone is out of harms way of this storm. It seems really nasty right now and very dangerous.
I'M WITH MIKE ROWE ON THIS. Should we give much stock to the political statements of celebrities?
THE PRESIDENT HINTED AT THIS EARLIER THIS WEEK at a rally in Phoenix. If he had issued the pardon during his speech it would've been exciting and newsworthy. With all eyes on him with "fake news" media it would've blown up into a controversy. Regardless he did what many expected him to do since that night.
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Thursday, August 24, 2017

YESTERDAY I WROTE ABOUT the battle in this nation between "white supremacy" a dying idea which had been gaining more attention fairly recently and the "alt-left" over at It's My Mind. The "alt-left" or "antifa" aka anti-fascism seems to be a much stronger force than any Klansman or Neo-Nazi in the United States.

In considering this I saw a segment on Tucker Carlson's show and he expressed the point that the radical fringe on the left is restless and out of control. They've been created by the leftist politicians and institutions and now are beginning to turn against them. Hopefully I can find and share this segment when possible tomorrow.

I remember the founders of the late great Protest Warrior organization was hitting right-wing talk radio discussing the anti-war protests during the Bush administration. The left-wing bent of these activists had caused them to conclude that this is the base of the Democratic Party. Perhaps that observation is finally coming full circle.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

THE MAROON TIGER: The students of Morehouse College who study physics and engineering went to Clemson University for a better view of the solar eclipse on Monday. Check out on instagram
YOU KNOW I THINK I'D LISTEN TO THE NAVY SEAL, especially when it comes to fighting off a dog attack! h/t Instapundit

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE FOR THIS NOT BEING VERY TIMELY, especially as I type this the President is making a speech in Phoenix, Arizona. Last night President Trump gave a speech regarding America's continuing participation in Afghanistan. It's a long standing war began not long after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks by Al Qaida.

Excuse my ignorance, but honestly I thought we pulled out of there. I agree that it's time to do what we can to finish the war there, not engage in nationbuilding as was the case with the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Primary mission is to truly defeat Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. Video below courtesy of Mark Dice. [VIDEO]
THIS IS WHY DOGS follow you into the bathroom!

Monday, August 21, 2017

WASHINGTON STATE IS BASICALLY CONSIDERED A BLUE STATE, thus it surprises me that they don't have an state income tax. This puts them on par with Florida for example, however, Seattle - of course - passed a city income tax to buck Washington state law. And of course the Seattle income tax is being challenged.

h/t Newsalert

I JUST REALIZED THAT TODAY, many of the posts you see here actually have titles. Alright yay me!


...however not enough on a gynecologist who experimented on slave women without anesthesia.The city of New York won't take it down and here you see a very graphic protest.
Here's more on J Marion Sims via Wikipedia. You can also read this article from the Daily Mail.


From Sweetwater, Tennesse via Virtual Rail fan. Through the YouTube account many of us would've seen it live as it happened. [VIDEO]


From Chicago Tribune

Sunday, August 20, 2017


NEWSALERT: Boston Antifa : This is on the Boston ANTIFA page. They're against Conservatives, the Constitution, Libertarians, & Moderate Libs.

Ahhhh, so this literally could be described as a free speech march that was crashed by these so-called "anti-fascists". 
BROKE WHILE I WAS ON MY WAY TO CHICAGO'S AIR & WATER SHOW. Comedy legend Jerry Lewis passed away today at 91. I'm mostly familiar with his muscular dystrophy telethon, but has a large body of work as a movie comedian. And let's not forget there had been a movie theater chain with his name on them.
FROM HENCEFORTH SJW's OR SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS are simply people who look for something to complain about. Case in point over at Instapundit, people are complaining that the USC mascot's name is similar to the name of a horse owned by Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. Oh man, these poor animals can't even escape the sins of their owners.
THIS HAPPENED YESTERDAY: Massive Counter Protests Overwhelm Boston 'Free Speech Rally' On Common. Did the Anti-Fascists or "Antifa" strike again? [VIDEO]
Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill (Mo.) has called for one of her state's Democratic legislators to step down after she posted on Facebook her desire to see President Trump assassinated.

The Missouri Democrat told CBS News that she thought Democratic state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal's Facebook post, in which she said, "I hope Trump is assassinated," was "outrageous."

"I condemn it. It's outrageous," McCaskill said. "And she should resign." ...
"I refuse to resign for exercising my First Amendment rights, even though what I said was wrong," [Maria Chappelle-Nadal] said. 
An irresponsible statement for a public official to make regardless of whether or not this is free speech or even if she wasn't a federal official. Here's a screencap below

Friday, August 18, 2017

BANNON: Trump Presidency I Fought For Is Over

Does this mean he has some dirt on what's going on at The White House?
TODAY'S BIG NEWS! White House advisor Steve Bannon is out! Wow!
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Thursday, August 17, 2017

BARCELONA: Senior police official: Barcelona van attack linked to explosion previous day in which 1 person was killed

Found this at the Guardian at about 4:45.

Not much to this AP report, however, perhaps there will be more to be found soon!
UNBELIEVABLE: You know I do respect Democrat Jesse White believe me, at the same time it's time for him to hang it up. He's running again for Illinois Secretary of State which means well he may well win with no serious opposition. Doesn't matter if they're a Democrat or a Republican someone else is out there and has a plan for essentially Illinois' dept. of motor vehicles.

He isn't the only politician in this state who has difficulty leaving politics. I can point to Congressman Bobby Rush who floats retirement only to thrown his had back in the ring. Another longtime state executive officer is Lisa Madigan - Illinois' Attorney General and yes a daughter of longtime state house speaker Michael Madigan - who is also running for re-election to her current post. Though in her case her father's unwillingness to retire from his role is largely keeping her in place.

SPENGLER: What Do We Say About Decent Men Who Died for a Wicked Cause?

Indeed, what do we say for those well meaning Confederates who represented a largely dying society that supported slavery?

h/t Instapundit

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

AS MUCH AS I WANT THIS, it's a little rich for my blood. However it's still pretty cool to evoke the old fashion amateur film cameras of old. Only difference is it's a rig for a digital camera which can essentially double as a camcorder.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

TO BE HONEST I WAS LATE TO THE DIAMOND AND SILK TRAIN. These are two Black women with a YouTube channel who are Donald Trump supporters and sadly now that they've began getting some attention - having seen them make an appearance on FOX News' Hannity they're being targeted by YouTube. [VIDEO]

Monday, August 14, 2017

TRUMP'S REMARKS ON CHARLOTTESVILLE to officially denounce the Klu Klux Klan, neo Nazis, and white supremacists. This still won't satisfy the never-Trumpers! [VIDEO]

THE ATLANTIC: The Rise of the Violent Left

Basic gist, instead of fighting authoritarianism on the right, are the anti-fascists or antifa on serving to fuel this fire instead?

h/t Newsalert
REASON: Trump Denounces Racism in Charlottesville. Too Little, Too Late.

Reason is a long way from a left-wing publication and certainly a mainstream right-wing one also. I think that they would have a lot more credibility than any never-Trumper because in the eyes of the so-called fake news media the President will likely never catch a break. [VIDEO]
NEWT GINGRICH ON FOX: We have a two-sided violence problem

The former House Speaker taking on the tragedy that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. The violence that surrounded an even involving these so-called "white nationalists". As far as political violence - and as I'm beginning to realize - it's not just the neo-Nazis & the Klan it's also this so-called left-wing anti-fascists or antifa. Both sides are on different spectrums, but ultimately are almost mirror images of each other. [VIDEO]

NARCISSISM OF SMALL DIFFERENCES between social justice warriors and "white nationalists"

Great FB post found via Instapundit
THE PICTURE BELOW IS FROM A MEME found on instagram that I hope to post here later today. It was taken last year in Louisiana and is from a Black Lives Matter protest. She was showing being arrested by police officers in riot gear. Those who support BLM note this as a sign of strength and composure on her part.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

THEY HATE US: Anti-white rhetoric

Now see this is what I'm talking about. Now these idiot white supremacists can say oh those anti-racists "they hate us". Now they can do nothing more than disrupt and stir up the crowd that hates them. This gives them the attention they shouldn't have.
I opened Twitter recently and saw 20+ notifications. Most of the time that means the new generation of white nationalist Twitter trolls are filling my feed with racist and anti-Semitic cartoons. It was the trolls, but this was different. They were celebrating my use of the word “anti-white” in a tweet. They saw it as a victory that a “mainstream conservative” was using this term that for so long has been their calling card.

They had a point. Until recently I would have been unlikely to use the term. Not because I didn’t believe some people harbored animosity towards whites, but because that was a fringe attitude removed from power, which represented little real threat. That is no longer the case. Progressive rhetoric on race has turned an ugly corner and the existence of “anti-white” attitudes can no longer be ignored.
What is new is the direct indictment of white people as a race. This happened through a strange rhetorical transformation over the past few years. At first, “white men are our greatest threat” postings tended to be ironic, a way of putting the racist shoe on the other foot. They were meant to show that blaming an entire race for the harmful actions of a few individuals is senseless.
We've been giving these idiots the ammunition they needed and then we attack them for the media and now they can say "they hate us". Here's the real kicker!
White people are being asked—or pushed—to take stock of their whiteness and identify with it more. This is a remarkably bad idea. The last thing our society needs is for white people to feel more tribal. The result of this tribalism will not be a catharsis of white identity, improving equality for non-whites. It will be resentment towards being the only tribe not given the special treatment bestowed by victimhood.

A big part of the reason white Americans have been willing to go along with policies that are prejudicial on their face, such as affirmative action, is that they do not view themselves as a tribe. Given the inequality of resources favoring whites in our society, it is a good thing that white people view themselves as the ones without an accent. Should that change, white privilege (whatever one views that to be) will not be eviscerated—it will be entrenched.
They hate us is the result of some unfortunate demonization and identity politics. We got to change this and soon!

h/t Instapundit
STOSSEL BINGE: Government shouldn't decide our diets.

Akin to the Cook County Board placing a tax on sugary beverages. Though not entirely to engineer people from consuming so-called unhealthy beverages, but to actually fund public jobs. Still this segment is an answer to anyway thinking it's government's job to decide what foods are unhealthy and what role they should have as far as public health. [VIDEO]
BEEN THINKING ABOUT GOING BACK TO SCHOOL, especially law school. This advice is very important. I'll read it if my expectation is to succeed in law school!
HOW DOES AN OLD YOUTUBE FAVORITE artistmac beat the Cook County sugary beverage tax. He drives to the Walmart in Hammond, Indiana. Watch his 15 min adventure. [VIDEO]

Saturday, August 12, 2017

HAVING GOTTEN THE GIST OF THE TRAGIC situation in Charlottesville, Virginia it reminds me of how we should know people hold hateful and racist views of their fellow human beings. We should know and of course find ways to denounce them. They shouldn't be ignored and you should never fight them.

Once upon a time in America the Klu Klux Klan has some power in this country to suppress Black citizens in parts of this nation. Today anyone even remotely related to the Klan no longer have the legal power of old. Thus the Klan doesn't have much teeth other than the individuals who hold such abhorrent views of their fellow American citizens.

With this said the so-called "white nationalists" were only in this Virginia city to disrupt. This is their new power as I have started to believe these racist organization are largely irrelevant as a force. By engaging these groups violently you only incur the response of "see who hate us". Let's us prove we're the opposite of their ideology and of course oppose them, but realize hating the haters get us nowhere.
STOSSEL BINGE: John Stossel attempts to get an NYC conceal carry permit and finds out how cumbersome the process is. More famous and wealthy people got their permits, however, if you're living in a dangerous community with serious crime the find excuses to reject an application. It's as if they decide who should have a gun and no guns for the little people if you can't pay the high fees and they make you wait months. [VIDEO]
CHICAGO'S HOTTEST BLOG: Who & What, Are The African Americans?
Are African Americans the descendants of ALIENS? No! African Americans are the descendants of Africans. Like why in the hell can't people grasp that very elemental point?!

In essence there's really no such thing as a Black or White race in're either African American, Chinese American, Mexican American, Puerto Rican American, European American, Native American, etc!

African American is a tribe. The African American has a culture that consists of family, faith, food, music, education, and economics. The African American speaks many languages. The African American has several rites of passage, initiation processes, fraternities and sororities.  
My personal idea being a African - or Black - American is as much a nationality as an Italian, Irish, Mexican, etc. And to be fair because Whites comprise so many nationalities, "white pride" essentially is a dumb concept for that reason alone. Perhaps a reaction to - although conceivably racist reaction - to the idea of Black pride.
CHECK OUT USCONSTITUTION.NET there you can check out not only the US Constitution, also the state constitutions also. For example here's Illinois' constitution.
HUFFPOST: How A Group Of Black Progressives Derailed Black Progress
The argument from black progressive activists is persuasive. They proffer neoliberalism, liberal economic philosophy that allegedly views citizens as consumers, has taken over our political imagination. They argue the Democratic Party has adopted a neoliberal philosophy that undermines the marginalized and the have-nots. They cite the devastating statistics in crime, education, poverty, and so on, that in many cases got worse for blacks under Democratic leadership. They believe in a radical conception of democracy that extends beyond electoral politics. Many no longer believe electoral politics is the platform through which the liberation of black people and their universal freedom will be achieved.

As a result, some intellectuals and activists have sought to encourage blacks not to participate in the political process, or have argued for modified versions of a limited black political participation, masked as strategic engagement.

Each of these arguments is worthy, but not at the expense of achieving material-based, quality-of-life improvements for blacks in the short term.
I think I read this correctly as this article seems to argue why Black America should've voted for Hillary Clinton last year and that this held back Black progress. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION IS GOING ON AT Morehouse College. When I transferred in this was something I never experienced, if the strange event happens that I find myself working there this would be part of my negotiation.
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I DON'T KNOW WHY BEING CALLED SWEETHEART has become an example of everyday sexism.
STOSSEL BINGE: This was likely recorded before the 2016 presidential elections. John Stossel looks at media myths our current President Donald Trump. Probably not the most extensive but certainly one primer on why the Prez refers to the mainstream media as "fake news" [VIDEO]
NEWSALERT: When CBS uses the "d" word, you know you're in trouble. In reference to the President of Venenzuel Nicholas Maduro who in a headline is referred to as a dictator wants to meet with President Trump.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

MARK DICE: Student Fakes Being Black to Get Into Medical School Under Affirmative Action

I now know more about this story and he took advantage of the system for sure. But to be honest, I'd love to have his 3.1 GPA and for the schools he wanted to get accepted to that wasn't high enough. This is one reason he posed as something he wasn't. This is a damned shame and very ridiculous.

BTW, watch out for the honorable mention of Rachel Dolezal who "identifies" as a Black women although she's mostly of Czech, German, and Swedish descent. And Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner [VIDEO]
THE NATIONAL REVIEW writes about the Whole Foods Market that opened in Newark. The questions of gentrification - The dreaded "G" word - and even concerns of racial transition seems to be the worry of the moment. As a result the leaders of Newark or the "liberals" are resisting.
CONTINUING MY STOSSEL BINGE: A more recent video with Reason discussing New York's bizarre gun laws. If you carry a gun through a NYC airport, although you followed TSA regulations, and airline regulations authorities will still arrest you. It doesn't matter what precautions you take even having an unloaded weapon. It's as if the lawmakers of New York are so anti-gun they want a law-abiding and responsible gun owner to go to jail for having a gun THEY shouldn't even have in the first place. [VIDEO]
h/t Newsalert

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I WAS ABOUT TO SAY WHERE WERE THEY WHEN IT PASSED, then I found out it was a tie vote and Cook County Board Prez Toni Preckwinkle cast the winning vote. There was some division and she was for it so it passed. Now I see via IL Review that an ordinance will be introduced for a vote to repeal this controversial soda tax. The pessimist in me starts to believe it'll be fated to fail!
FINALLY WATCHED THE TRUMP EFFECT last night. Shared the video here on this blog late last night. Very interesting even wrote about it last night.

JOHN STOSSEL: ZERO COMMON SENSE - continuing the binge we see a report of overreaction not by school authorities but by state authorities with regards to actions taken by a politically correct school system. What you see here will make no sense other than to the authorities. [VIDEO]

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ALL THIS TALK OF "fire & fury" or a pre-emptive strike on Guam with all these missile tests and talks of nuclear weapons have made the current cold ward between the Democratic People's Republic of [North] Korea and the United States much more scary!
Just for the hell of it a tweet from the official Twitter account for North Korea....uhhh actually this has to be a prank account.

CONTINUING MY JOHN STOSSEL BINGE: Diversity makes us better. Perhaps racism & bigotry isn't that huge force holding everyone back as it used to be. [VIDEO]
10 REASONS A LIBERAL LADY is finished with the left
THE ROOT: Hey, Jeff Sessions: Remember When 6,000 White Americans Went on Strike to Keep 8 Black People From Getting Promote
CNBC: The sequel to the global financial crisis is here
The central culprit this time is the collateralised loan obligation. Like its earlier esoteric cousins, a CLO bundles risky low-grade loans into attractive packages and high credit ratings. In May, there were two deals of more than $1bn each, and experts estimate that $75bn worth are coming this year. Antares Capital recently closed a $2.1bn CLO, the largest in the US since 2006 and the third-largest in history. Although most of the loans underlying these deals are of "junk" status, more than half the new debt is rated triple A. Sound familiar?

During the early 2000s, similar highly rated deals called collateralised debt obligations were popular. At first, they seemed harmless, or at least not so big that their collapse could cause financial contagion. But when regulators ignored their growth, they became more opaque and more profitable, with credit ratings disconnected from reality. Like cracks in a building's foundation, the risks seemed minor at first. But high ratings hid the instability of the entire structure. Until it was too late.

Dodd-Frank was supposed to stop these credit-rating ploys. But the Securities and Exchange Commission has permitted the agencies to dodge that law. While Dodd-Frank imposed liability on the agencies for false ratings, the SEC exempted them. Likewise, Congress barred the agencies from getting inside information about issuers they rate, but the SEC permitted that, too. As CLOs grow, the cracks are spreading again.

Monday, August 7, 2017

WATCHING THIS OLD EPISODE OF JOHN STOSSEL'S old FOX Business show. Main debate of the show the pros & cons of Texas & California. Two states both the largest of the union with very different policies as far as guns, taxes, regulations, etc. One egregious one involves sending youths to a psychologist for their sexual orientation - yeah that's going too far let parents decide what's best for their child and hopefully the child will know what's best for them.

Recently I see that in California some far left Democrats want to recall a Democrat legislative leader only because he appeared to have made a prudent decision not to continue pushing for single-payer health care in California. Some people are just dead-set on doing something which could prove to be very costly, and yet it's just the right thing we need to do this now!

Anyway here's the Stossel episode [VIDEO]
SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ISN'T RIGHT! Vegans bully California butcher shop into hanging animal rights sign 

So these militant vegans really want to run this store out of business. They don't like meat and they want to force business owners - who aren't 100% into the idea that killing animals for food is violent - to carry their message that eating meat or kiling animals for food is violent. Plain and simple this is a form of fascism to force someone to carry a message they don't agree with.
SAW AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL ON SATURDAY. While Al Gore - our former Vice President - refers to himself as a recovering politician, it still has the appearance of a self-serving movie. I liken it to be about his ego more than anything, however, if it advances a cause that's very important more power to him.

I'm still indifferent to issues of environmentalism and renewable energy or even global warming. At least I can see one indication of this hype over this sequel to An Inconvenient Truth.

I wanted to be unserious and bring back the stylized Algore which was first seen from Rush Limbaugh, however, this is supposed to be a serious blog and changed my mind. [VIDEO]

Sunday, August 6, 2017

NOT THAT I WOULD WANT TO FOLLOW such morbid history. CBS Sunday Morning last year looked at the assassination and treatment of President James Abram Garfield. And the kicker, the shooting wasn't immediately fatal, his treatment was. [VIDEO]

Saturday, August 5, 2017

A NORTH KOREAN DEFECTOR WANTS TO RETURN HOME. As much as I think I understand, this is both a strange and confusing story. However, he wants to be back with his family and this is certainly understandable. South Korea should allow this man to go back home and face his punishment.

As much as he seems to want to endear himself to his "former" countrymen in the North, I still wonder if he'll get worse treatment for fleeing than for not making it in the South.

MARATHON PUNDIT: Crook County: Anti-free speech Toni Taxwinkle suing anti-tax group for $17 million 

Evidently the county board prez didn't like being challenged and is suing the Illinois Retail Merchants Association for $17 million. Mainly for the revenue the county wasn't able to collect after a court injunction that temporarily prevented the county from doing so.

Again it's all about the money...YOUR money. The county doesn't want to be stopped from getting more of YOUR money.

Friday, August 4, 2017

THEY HAD BETTER TAKE ACTION AGAINST whoever leaked phone call transcripts between President Trump and other heads of state. It's almost as if someone with the executive branch or better yet the West Wing want to destabilize the administration. Could the potential crime be treason if this does constitute a federal crime?

BTW, this quote from Stephen GreenIt’s impossible for a President to conduct foreign policy under these conditions, which I suppose is the point.
MY POST AT IT'S MY MIND regarding the recently implemented Cook County beverage tax on sugary drinks. Time will tell if this tax proves to get the revenue it's expected to get unlike the city of Chicago bag tax.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

CANADIAN FREE PRESS: Dunkirk and the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign
The currently-running 2017 movie version of the World War II events surrounding Dunkirk did not address how Allied forces ended up surrounded by the Germans in late May 1940.

Here’s one explanation: Britain and France expected a static war with Germany patterned after World War I, but Germany’s army was mobile and flexible. Two different sets of war rules were at play.

The soldiers who were heroically, some would say miraculously, rescued from the beaches by small, civilian craft were the victims of outdated strategies and tactics. 

There’s a parallel between the Battle of Dunkirk and the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign.
Donald Trump clearly got the political punditry and even the leaders of both parties by surprise.

h/t Newsalert 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

AS WE SEE A POST AT NEWSALERT talking about how Illinois politics are fueled by the privately educated there's one statement I can agree with.

"Are Chicago public schools just expensive babysitting operations?" Yes, and you better believe they are!
SO IS THIS THE DEEP STATE we've been hearing about since Trump became President. A whole bureaucracy that could only serve to undermine a President they don't like.

h/t Instapundit
THIS WAS TWEETED ON JULY 31 which was Black Women's Equal Pay Day. Basically another way of mentioning an equal pay gap between women and white men essentially. Where do they get these numbers?

BTW, the tweet you see below is from a group in Chicago that is advocating for a $15/hr minimum wage. Other cities - such as Seattle - have instituted a higher minimum wage though seemingly a good thing in some of those cities it has only served to backfire.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

DIGITAL TRENDS: IKEA launches $86,500 flat-pack home — but don’t worry, they’ll build it for you
If you’re the kind of person that breaks into a cold sweat when called upon to perform even the simplest of do-it-yourself tasks, then you’ll be delighted to know that IKEA offers help with constructing its latest product — a flat-pack house.

The Swedish furniture giant is famed the world over for its affordable furniture and accessories, but this is the first time it’s come up with a building in which you can put it all.

Called aktiv and retailing for $86,500, the house will be the first in a series of designs offering people an eco-friendly Swedish-inspired home with a functional, wide-open living area that makes careful use of all the available space.
If I had all the money in the world, this is something worth placing in a vacant lot somewhere in the city. As long as Chicago's residential zoning code will allow it. One way to provide some affordable housing or a starter home for aspiring homeowners.

Akin to those Sears' kit houses from the 19th century

MARK DICE: Celebrities Know What's Best for Us [VIDEO]