Sunday, July 23, 2017

AS INSTAPUNDIT LIKES TO SAY WITH stories such as this, teach women not to rape!

Chicago's Hottest Blog: The Sexualization of Black Boys
The sad reality is sex isn't taught to be valued among Black boys. I've asked just about all my male friends, frat brothers and even men on social media if they were ever told their bodies was special? They all said NO! No one ever told them as little boys or as adolescents that their body was special.

In fact as I shared my story on Facebook, I began to receive inbox messages from men thanking me for sharing my story. Men started sharing their stories with me. They shared how they were molested. They shared how being molested caused them to view sex as purely an act of lust and not love.

This is one of the reasons why so many men cheat. This is one of the reasons why a man will say to his wife of whom he's cheating on "Baby I love you, I just fu-k those other chicks! I don't love any of them!"

It's because he hasn't dealt with the sexual abuse and inappropriate exposure thereof as a child. In fact, many men see this as a weakness, when in all actual reality the real weakness is not mentally dealing with the past. 
EDIT: With my initial statement being made it could be taken out of context, but the further I read that post it really isn't. Young boys may very well believe that being with an older woman - who may be a babysitter or a bit more commonly their teacher - is living a dream. More likely it can become more of a nightmare than they realize especially as they get older.