Thursday, June 22, 2017

YES! Thank you Stevie Wonder! "Black People Can’t Kill Each Other And Then Say ‘Black Lives Matter’"
“It is in your hands to stop all the killing and all the shooting wherever it might be. Because you cannot say black lives matter and then kill yourselves,” Wonder told those gathered at the North Minneapolis Peace Conference. 
“Because you know we’ve mattered long before it was said, but the way we show that we matter, the way that we show all the various people of color matter is by loving each other and doing something about it. Not just talking about it, not just waiting to see the media and press come when there’s a horrible thing,” Wonder continued.
“The first thing you must do is stop believing the fallacy of you not being important,” Wonder said. “Because it is completely unacceptable for one to hate themselves so much that anyone that looks like you, you want to kill.” 
Even better here's some video of Mr. Wonder [VIDEO]
h/t Newsalert