Thursday, June 29, 2017

UGH!!!! MSNBC Contributor: Hillary Lost the Election in Part Because Obama is Black
Wendy Sherman told the audience at the Aspen Ideas Festival, “There is no doubt that we just had eight years of an African-American president is not a factor in all that we are experiencing today.”

“When we make a social change, when we make a decision to do something we have never done before, we then take two steps backwards at least.”

“I believe in my bones, among the list, I agree with the list that Sam put out about why Hillary lost but I would add to that it was pretty hard to elect a woman after you’ve elected the first African-American president.”
They need to stop discussing identity politics. Hillary didn't lose because Obama was Black. There wasn't much Obama could do to help her aside from changing his ethnicity. The obvious answer was that Hillary didn't campaign in Wisconsin and most of the country didn't like her.

And Newsalert has video of this if you want to watch.