Saturday, June 24, 2017

BLAVITY: Is California A Sunken Place For Black People?

When a Black person finally reaches that California dream what do they find:
California’s stance on what I always perceived to be progressive multiracial liberalism has limits that are quietly anti-black and perplexing. I’ve found that many black people actively subdue their black identity and highlight their other racial or cultural identities instead. A black coworker of mine informed me that their 10-year-old child just found out that they were black. When I asked how that was possible, I was told that California’s education system stresses multicultural colorblindness, to the extent that it’s completely normal for a black child not to “see” their own race.
Hmmmmm, deny part of who they are? Not a good lesson and certainly sets them up for disappointment when someone points out what they are.