Monday, May 8, 2017

I SECOND GLENN REYNOLDS' post over at Instapundit:
SO EVERYONE’S PATTING THEMSELVES ON THE BACK ABOUT MACRON’S WIN, but isn’t this by far the best performance for the National Front ever? Macron has the chance to turn things around, but if he fails — which, to be honest, is what I expect — that trend could continue. And if the French establishment asked my advice, I’d say to drop the contempt. As Megan McArdle writes from France: “They are sick of that class, sick of being looked down upon as their old way of life disappears and their communities implode. And so they rejoice when someone is willing to transgress its edicts. What I heard from Le Pen supporters sounded an awful lot like what I heard from those Trump voters. Neither France nor the U.S. would be a better place if people felt freer to make racist remarks. But they probably would be better if no one class felt comfortable disdaining another. They would probably also be much less angry, fractured and ungovernable. Getting there probably starts by recognizing that Trump and Le Pen supporters are not simply interested in the joy of hate.”
Gives me an idea for a post of my own in the future. Perhaps there are a lot of people who figured Trump's supporters wrong. Even those who are considered "alt-right". And the world would NOT be a better place if everyone felt free to make racist remarks.