Saturday, May 27, 2017

FORMER MOREHOUSE COLLEGE PRESIDENT: The unfinished symphony that’s Morehouse College
It is a rare privilege to serve as a college president, let alone at one’s Alma Mater. I became president of Morehouse College in 2013 as we celebrated the 100th year of our life with the name “Morehouse.” I leave as we celebrate the 150th year in our institutional history. While I am proud of what my team and I accomplished in just over four years, our work here is still like King’s unfinished symphony.

And that hurts because America needs a far stronger Morehouse.

Why? Because roughly 320,000 American black boys start ninth grade, annually. And yet only an estimated 8,000 American black young men – 2.5 percent of that 320,000 — annually head off to a 4-year college with academic profiles that appeal to the most selective institutions.
Not to make this about me, but upon reading this I wonder where my profile would fall as a transfer students years ago. To be honest I didn't finish strong either.

Although I do agree America needs a far stronger Morehouse, what would it take?