Tuesday, May 16, 2017

CITY JOURNAL: Unsayable Truths About a Failing High School

Where to start with this? We hear about some of the more sociological aspects of this story. It starts with a fight at a inner-ring suburban high school near Philadelphia, PA. The fighters were all black and it seems the teachers and security have little to no control over the students. The students' antics could be described as thuggery.

And the reasoning, because many of these kids come from broken homes and moved the long-suffering Philadelphia "black ghetto" (description by author Kay S. Hymowitz). Unfortunately whatever bad habits they had in the old neighborhood, they brought it with them to the new neighborhood. The troubling aspects of this story is that if there is truly a problem among the students of this school and the need to take control of it there isn't much they could do about it without incurring the wrath of federal regulators.

h/t Newsalert