Friday, May 19, 2017

CAREER ADVICE: Why being humble will get you nowhere
They don’t teach leadership brand value in school. They don’t really teach it anywhere. It is something you gain from experience and seasoning, or if you are fortunate to secure a great mentor along your way.

Your brand value in part derives from relationships you cultivate. No one is necessarily looking out for you. No one necessarily knows your role in designing or driving change. If you fly under the radar, you miss an opportunity to create an important buzz around you.

So what do you need to do? I would call it engaging in balanced self-promotion. Of course you cannot get there without your team. Another client suggested to me, ”My family taught me to be humble and look out for others. It is plain wrong to advertise how great your achievements are.” She was a senior manager. Once we started to work together in a coaching relationship, it became apparent that getting comfortable with promoting herself would likely garner her a more senior seat at the table. Sure enough, she was promoted to VP later that year.
To be honest I struggle with this. I'm more of a worker bee than I am a leader and yet my goal is become a leader. Whenever I write there will be more of a reference to being a leader than a manager. There is a difference between leader and manager. Perhaps it's something worth exploring.