Wednesday, May 31, 2017

MIKE CERNOVICH: CNN cancelled Kathy Griffin - why did it take so long?

Seems to me he was declaring victory in getting CNN to cut ties to Kathy Griffin. Griffin took a photo of herself with a bloody President Trump's head. Proved to be controversial to those individuals on the right.
HOW JOURNALISTS FAILED to predict President Trump's victory. One hell of a video about how the media missed the signs that led up to election night. Was Hillary Clinton's loss truly so shocking? [VIDEO]

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

THE WAGES OF SOCIALISM: Zimbabwe tobacco is booming, but farmers growing it are not. via Instapundit. The corruption of that African nation continues.

Monday, May 29, 2017

THE ATLANTIC: The Racist History of Portland, the Whitest City in America

Well worth your time, had little idea that Oregon once had a policy that excluded Blacks from residing in that part of the United States.
CNBC: Get paid as much as $8,000 a month by companies like Facebook, Apple and Google during an internship.
FORBES: Ten Unmistakable Signs Of A Bad Place To Work

This sign I could definitely relate to: Managers Control Internal Transfers
TIGER WOODS ARRESTED for a DUI. Man that mug shot doesn't look good at all!

CAPFAX: Today’s number: $484.5 million

Chicagoland public transit suffers as a result of the budget stalemate in Springfield.
THE CHIVE: Pulitzer Prize winning photo “Husband’s final request

Very touching a Marine Corps widow wants to sleep with her late husband one last time before it's time to bury him. His fellow Marines watch over the fallen Marine's wife. Won a Pulitzer, great work.

by Todd Heisler
h/t Instapundit

Sunday, May 28, 2017

INSTAPUNDIT: Why are Democratic run cities such cesspits of violence and sex-abuse?
Just days after a student received an award stating she was most likely to be a terrorist, another student was given an equally offensive award at the same school.

Sydney Caesar, a student at Anthony Aguirre Junior High School in Texas, received an award that stated she was “Most Likely to Blend in With White People,” from her college-prep teacher Stacey Lockett.
BEEN ENJOYING SOME Mark Dice YouTube videos for the past two days. He has several where he attempts to give away a gold coin or a silver bar to strangers. In the videos I've seen he has no takers, especially in this video which was published in January 2017. No one seems to see the value in a precious metal which could be worth more once it's in their possession. [VIDEO]

Saturday, May 27, 2017

FORMER MOREHOUSE COLLEGE PRESIDENT: The unfinished symphony that’s Morehouse College
It is a rare privilege to serve as a college president, let alone at one’s Alma Mater. I became president of Morehouse College in 2013 as we celebrated the 100th year of our life with the name “Morehouse.” I leave as we celebrate the 150th year in our institutional history. While I am proud of what my team and I accomplished in just over four years, our work here is still like King’s unfinished symphony.

And that hurts because America needs a far stronger Morehouse.

Why? Because roughly 320,000 American black boys start ninth grade, annually. And yet only an estimated 8,000 American black young men – 2.5 percent of that 320,000 — annually head off to a 4-year college with academic profiles that appeal to the most selective institutions.
Not to make this about me, but upon reading this I wonder where my profile would fall as a transfer students years ago. To be honest I didn't finish strong either.

Although I do agree America needs a far stronger Morehouse, what would it take?
TWITCHY: People are very, very angry at @redsteeze for buying a ticket to the women only Wonder Woman screening in Brooklyn

Good lord!!!! >-(

h/t Instapundit

Friday, May 26, 2017

CAPFAX: Some suburbs and college towns are shrinking, too

More fallout over the loss of population in Illinois. Focus here is on some of the college towns in addition to the Chicago metro area. I may understand about the college towns, the budget stalemate in Illinois has affected the state's public universities.
YESTERDAY THERE WAS A special election in Montana and a strange thing happened. The candidate who was said to have "bodyslammed" a reporter won! It got so much play and it didn't hurt him at all in a special Congressional election.

You can see what Instapundit thought of this development.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

HERE'S A GREAT article about the education system. A belief that the system as it exists in the USA isn't designed for the smart kids. With that said:
In their recommendations, the professors who wrote the brief concluded that “the U.S. K-12 context, which is organized primarily around age-based grade levels, needs serious rethinking.”

I think that’s putting it too mildly.

Honestly, I’m starting to think that this education system doesn’t need to be reformed; it needs to be destroyed.
I'm a long way from deciding what's best for America's school children, but there is a need for serious reforms. That or we just need to shut everything down and start over. Yes I will definitely point finger at public education at least.

h/t Instapundit
CAPITOL FAX: "Two of the governor’s most favorite humans embrace…"

Rich Miller shares two tweets of Illinois state Comptroller Susanna Mendosa (D) and state Sen. Sam McCann (R). The tweets gush about how bipartisanship is a good and beautiful thing. We need it not only in Illinois but in the whole country also!

TRIBUNE: Chicago only major U.S. city to lose population from 2015 to 2016
By most estimates, Chicago's population will continue to decline. Over the past year, the Tribune surveyed dozens of former residents who said they have packed their bags for a variety of reasons: high taxes, the state budget stalemate, crime, the unemployment rate and weather.

Black residents have been among those leaving in search of safe neighborhoods and prosperity, with many heading to the suburbs and warm-weather states. Chicago lost 181,000 black residents between 2000 and 2010, according to census data.
h/t Newsalert

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

LOOKS LIKE we're seeing some movement on the finances of Illinois. Unfortunately it means income taxes will be raised on income and businesses and would be retroactive. Now the question is whether or not the Illinois General Assembly can come together with Gov. Bruce Rauner to finally settle on a budget. Right now a sticking point would be on whether or not there is property tax relief.

h/t Newsalert
CNBC: Economists: Men now need more than just money to be 'marriageable'
Fracking booms gave two researchers in the Economics Department at the University of Maryland, College Park, a perfect chance to test the hypothesis. What happens when money pours into a place, enriching the men, specifically, and giving them good jobs? More of them will get married, right?

As they discovered, to their surprise, the answer is no.

Melissa S. Kearney and Riley Wilson published their findings in a new paper covered by the Washington Post that concludes, "there is no evidence of an increase in marriage rates. The pattern of results is consistent with positive income effects on births, but no associated increase in marriage."

In other words, fracking money made more men dad-material, but it didn't make them husband-material.
Further down in this article it's noted the rich people marry to get richer. Is it possible to make marriage more palatable for people further down the income brackets? It's seems the conclusion as far as why the weathly gets married is that well a couple with children are better off combining their resources than remaining separate.
PJ MEDIA: San Francisco's Higher Minimum Wage Costing Hundreds of Jobs

When you read that watch this.

h/t Instapundit
THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT EVENT, the bombing of a concert in Manchester, England. 19 22 people dead! The fight against Islamic fundamentalist terrorism continues.
BBC: Sir Roger Moore, James Bond actor, dies aged 89

As a Bond fan who thoroughly enjoyed a few of the movies he starred in, this is a sad day. RIP.

Monday, May 22, 2017

PROBLOGGER: 4 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Domain Name

Thinking about purchasing new domain names just hope to use this advice to pick one that will be easy to remember and certainly very memorable to attract pageviews.
LIFE EXPECTANCY BY STATE against US average, courtesy of FiveThirtyEight
h/t Newsalert
RICH MILLER'S syndicated column on the negotiation of a balanced budget in Illinois. It seems the back and forth isn't as simple as Governor Rauner doesn't really want to negotiate. I need to buy a Capital Fax subscription but it's too much for my blood at the moment. :P
THE MEDIA IS still talking about the firing of FBI direction James Comey

CONGRATS TO THE MOREHOUSE MEN of the class of 2017 who graduated yesterday. I remember my day of finally getting this coveted bachelor's degree from there in 2009. Well done gentlemen.

Morehouse College Class of 2017 ๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿฅ‡#Morehouse #ontheauccam #gradszn #community #spelhouse #auc

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ILLINOIS REVIEW: Does the minimum wage prevent poverty?

In my opinion, it doesn't prevent poverty though it certainly is a good start to bring one out of poverty. Get that work experience do what you can to better yourself and move on to better opportunities especially if you're young. Sometimes you have to work such a job to get to that income bracket you want to be on. [VIDEO]

Saturday, May 20, 2017

ARE DEMS ALIENATIENG their base. Tucker Carlson interviews former US Sen. Jim Webb as far as why Democrats aren't doing very well currently. The shock of Donald Trumps ascension to the presidency continues. [VIDEO]

Friday, May 19, 2017

SMART MOVE! #Flint City Council Votes to Stop Issuing Tax Liens to Residents for Unpaid Water Bills
When news broke that more than 8,000 residents of the city of Flint, Mich., were threatened with the loss of their homes over unpaid water bills, the public outcry was loud and swift. Penalizing residents who didn’t pay a bill for water they couldn’t use was indeed ridiculous, and on Wednesday, the City Council voted to end that policy.

Council President Kerry Nelson told Michigan Radio that he received numerous calls to his office pleading for the practice to stop, and the council passed a resolution that puts a yearlong moratorium on placing tax liens on properties with unpaid water bills.

“Too numerous to tell you how many; the calls have been coming in,” Nelson said. “Enough is enough. I’ve made up my mind tonight to do what I need to do for the people who elected me.”
How long has this been a story - well the water crisis in Flint, Michigan - and why hasn't much been done about it even now? If you know people don't have water that's problem #1, then why do you put a liens on their homes???? 
NEWSALERT: Connecticut, Nation’s Wealthiest State, May be Tapped Out on Taxing the Rich

It seems even Connecticut's Governor have found out that taxing the rich isn't the answer. This is one example of the Laffer Curve in effect.

CAREER ADVICE: Why being humble will get you nowhere
They don’t teach leadership brand value in school. They don’t really teach it anywhere. It is something you gain from experience and seasoning, or if you are fortunate to secure a great mentor along your way.

Your brand value in part derives from relationships you cultivate. No one is necessarily looking out for you. No one necessarily knows your role in designing or driving change. If you fly under the radar, you miss an opportunity to create an important buzz around you.

So what do you need to do? I would call it engaging in balanced self-promotion. Of course you cannot get there without your team. Another client suggested to me, ”My family taught me to be humble and look out for others. It is plain wrong to advertise how great your achievements are.” She was a senior manager. Once we started to work together in a coaching relationship, it became apparent that getting comfortable with promoting herself would likely garner her a more senior seat at the table. Sure enough, she was promoted to VP later that year.
To be honest I struggle with this. I'm more of a worker bee than I am a leader and yet my goal is become a leader. Whenever I write there will be more of a reference to being a leader than a manager. There is a difference between leader and manager. Perhaps it's something worth exploring. 
I THOUGHT STEM FIELDS were immune to this type of thought, guess not:  Are you a ‘white cis man’ on a college faculty? Prof says to ‘resign from your position of power

Exclude of demote white cis males in favor of math professors from different races or transgendered. In other words those groups are entitled to the positions held by white cis males.

h/t Instapundit
A DINOSAUR FOSSIL so well preserved it looked like a statue. From the photos of it, looks like a real live dinosaur. Often I think of fossils as simply bones, but recognize now that there may be fossils of tissue and skin. We're getting a good idea of what these creatures looked like when they predominated on Earth.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

IT'S NOT EVERYDAY THAT I would find a tweet sharing on a blog as on Newsalert. The tweet I shared today was about the homeless on the CTA. Often riding in the early morning hours - especially during the winter time - there are homeless riders aboard the train with their personal belongings. If only there are somewhere they can go at night.
FORMER FOX NEWS CHAIRMAN & CEO Roger Ailes has passed away at 77. He resigned his position thanks to claims of sexual harassment against him.

h/t Instapundit

Also Newsalert shares a tweet regarding Ailes being eulogized by his former FOX News colleagues.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

SPEAKING OF MOREHOUSE, this is the 8 year mark of my graduation from that illustrious private - historically black - male - liberal arts school. I'm part of the legacy but a long way to living up to this fabled crown it holds over all Morehouse men.

TAXPROF BLOG: Private College Tuition Discounts Hit All-Time High Of 49%

Morehouse is a private college, perhaps to attract the best students hopefully they're doing the same.

With this in mind, Glenn Reynolds makes this following point: "If you’re paying full freight for college, you’re a sucker. Don’t be a sucker."

I wish I had been smart about this when embarking on my baccalaureate degree during the first 10 years of the 21st century.

STAR TREK: Just to be a geek what are the plans for the J.J. Abrams Star Trek universe. What might those plans be for the fourth installment of the series started in 2009? One Trekkie, offers his views. [VIDEO]
ILLINOIS.COM is up for sale. Since it's being treated similar to real estate I can only imagine how much it would cost, otherwise if my income was higher it would be worth a bid. Then Rich Miller comments on a potential value of this domain.
Considering that half of the state’s residents want to leave, our largest city has a well-publicized crime problem and the state government hasn’t had a budget in over two years, etc., etc., etc., I’m not sure how valuable the domain name really is.
I can only imagine the ideas anyone could come up with to utilize this domain.
OH NOW I JUST LOVE THIS: Trump Supporters Party On Maxine Waters' Lawn

The icing on the cake would be if there were Black protestors on the Congresswoman's lawn. They were right to point out that Waters' congressional district doesn't look like the neighborhood where her house is located. [VIDEO]
Apparently I see this as a campaign stop for Omar Navarro who speaks in this video, but this is a good move.

 h/t Newsalert

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

CITY JOURNAL: Unsayable Truths About a Failing High School

Where to start with this? We hear about some of the more sociological aspects of this story. It starts with a fight at a inner-ring suburban high school near Philadelphia, PA. The fighters were all black and it seems the teachers and security have little to no control over the students. The students' antics could be described as thuggery.

And the reasoning, because many of these kids come from broken homes and moved the long-suffering Philadelphia "black ghetto" (description by author Kay S. Hymowitz). Unfortunately whatever bad habits they had in the old neighborhood, they brought it with them to the new neighborhood. The troubling aspects of this story is that if there is truly a problem among the students of this school and the need to take control of it there isn't much they could do about it without incurring the wrath of federal regulators.

h/t Newsalert

NO HILLARY!!! The DNC "hack" wasn't a Russian operation

Based on some news Instapundit came to these conclusions
So this would seem to leave two possibilities: The DNC “hack” wasn’t a Russian operation at all, but an internal leak, blowing the post-November Hillary Russia narratove; or (2) There’s another trove of DNC emails out there that Wikileaks hasn’t released yet. I’m guessing it’s (1), but who knows?
So someone inside the Democractic Party was sending e-mails to wikileaks. Why would someone within the party move to undermine the campaign of their own nominee for Prez.

Monday, May 15, 2017

FOX NEWS: North Korea signals willingness to talk after missile test 

The aftermath of the recent missile test by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea aka North Korea. Now they want to sit down and talk hoping for concessions probably. [VIDEO]

AN ATTEMPT TO bring diversity to comic books has failed.
Ta-Nehisi Coates, the celebrated public intellectual, faced a setback in his attempt to introduce racial diversity to the world of comic books when Marvel announced that Black Panther & The Crew, which Coates had been writing with Yona Harvey, would be canceled after six issues. Only two issues have been published thus far; The Verge, which first reported the news, said Coates cited “poor sales” as the reason for the cancellation.
BTW, having seen the latest Capt. America sequel last year the Black Panther character was impressive. Question is why hasn't this attempt caught on, perhaps the wrong idea was used to bring attention to this character.

h/t Instapundit 
THIS IS SOME PRETTY impressive tumbling by one Angel Rice. Perhaps we'll hear about her gold medal winning performance at an Olympics one day.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

STRANGE TIMES WE'RE living in. The possibilities of an independent Texas and California or even an unified Korean peninsula. Assuming the regime of North Korea is only bluffing about having nuclear weapons then it's more likely to happen if the world wipes the floor with Kim Jong Un. [VIDEO]
WHAT WILL HAPPEN in the next billion years. One solace I have with most of this, I likely won't be around to see these many changes. [VIDEO]
NEWSALERT asks: Why not privatize all education?

Who knows, but a good piece was shared about what Google is bringing to public education classrooms. Perhaps the private sector has something to offer to improve the education of all children.
LET ME BE CAREFUL HERE although this is certainly a great gesture:
Trayvon Martin was awarded a posthumous Bachelor’s Degree in aviation five years after he was fatally shot in central Florida.

Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, accepted a degree in Aeronautical Science on his behalf during a graduation ceremony at Florida Memorial University on Saturday. In a statement, the university said it was honoring the steps the 17-year-old took toward becoming a pilot before his death.

INSTAPUNDIT - EUROPE: Emmanuel Macron and the barren elite of a changing continent

One sentence editorial by Glenn Reynolds: Europe has chosen . . . poorly.

From the above linked article I will add this:
But across the continent Macron wants to bind closer together, there’s a stark pattern:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also has no children. British prime minister Theresa May has no children. Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children. Holland’s Mark Rutte has no children. Sweden’s Stefan Lรถfven has no biological children. Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel has no children. Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon has no children. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, has no children.

This is too remarkable to ignore. While Macron is young—39 years old—the rest of Europe is being governed by childless Baby Boomers.
To which I say it's about time for me to have some children.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

MARATHON PUNDIT: Tennessee to make community college free

Oh yeah, I know, Tennessee taxes investment dividends but other than that, unlike my state, Illinois, and many others, the Volunteer State has no income tax.

It's amazing what can be accomplished when a state isn't run by corrupt-o-crats, as ILL-inois is.

Friday, May 12, 2017

INSTAPUNDIT - ANOTHER TAX PATRIOT: Ex-Rep. Corrine Brown guilty on fraud, tax evasion charges.

I'm sorry I just had to share this video of her celebrating the Gators' victory in the National Championship. Very old and had little idea she lost her bid for re-election last year. [VIDEO]
THE GRIO: Florida NAACP calls for Bethune-Cookman president to resign

Fallout from inviting Trump's Secretary of Education to speak at Bethune-Cookman's commencement.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

THE STUDENTS AT BETHUNE COOKMAN UNIVERSITY in Florida weren't too happy with their commencement speaker - current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. DeVos once referred to HBCU's as school choice, a comment she had been forced to walk back. [VIDEO]
In the meanwhile back in Illinois with a budget stalemate that affects public universities in this state Chicago State University students boo Governor Bruce Rauner and certainly for different reasons, than Bethune Cookman students had.
HUFFPOST: The Black Middle Class Is Leaving Its Brothers And Sisters Behind
KNOXVILLE NEWS SENTINEL: At 73, Tom Winston graduates from the University of Tennessee Law School and encourages other seniors to take advantage of the many educational opportunities Tennessee offers. [VIDEO]
Finishing law school at 73. It's never too late to go back to school whether college, graduate school, or law school.

He also just so happens to be a student of the Instapundit!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

IT'S COMMENCEMENT TIME down at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia

It's Commencement time at #MorehouseCollege! #MorehouseGrad17๐ŸŽ“ #WeMadeIt

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TODAY JAMES COMEY IS OUT as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
So why exactly did President Trump fire FBI director Comey? [VIDEO]
OVER AT THE SIXTH WARD asking the important question: "How does Chicago send the message that the city cares about its Black residents?"

This is actually based on a Chicago Magazine article that discusses depopulation in Chicago. The major part of this analysis Black residents are choosing to leave Chicago for either the suburbs another midwestern state or another region of America.
Chicago Mag illustration Richard Mia

Monday, May 8, 2017

ENTREPRENEUR LEAVES ILLINOIS gov't because state isn't committed to "minorities"
In a post announcing his resignation as acting assistant director at the Illinois Department of Central Management Services, Odom said the state hasn't given enough attention and resources to minority business development.
In an interview Monday, Odom said he's seen routine inattention to underinvested communities that could be turned around with more economic opportunities — and didn't put all the blame on Rauner's administration.

"I think that we can do more. And I believe that a lack of investment has been going on for a long period of time. It's not just this administration," he said. "This didn't just happen when Bruce got into office."

A budget impasse that has left programs unfunded was also frustrating, he said.
It's a damn shame.
TRIBUNE MEDIA SELLS to Sinclair Broadcasting. Chicago will be the big loser WGN-AM & WGN-TV will now be owned by a Maryland based media company.

I SECOND GLENN REYNOLDS' post over at Instapundit:
SO EVERYONE’S PATTING THEMSELVES ON THE BACK ABOUT MACRON’S WIN, but isn’t this by far the best performance for the National Front ever? Macron has the chance to turn things around, but if he fails — which, to be honest, is what I expect — that trend could continue. And if the French establishment asked my advice, I’d say to drop the contempt. As Megan McArdle writes from France: “They are sick of that class, sick of being looked down upon as their old way of life disappears and their communities implode. And so they rejoice when someone is willing to transgress its edicts. What I heard from Le Pen supporters sounded an awful lot like what I heard from those Trump voters. Neither France nor the U.S. would be a better place if people felt freer to make racist remarks. But they probably would be better if no one class felt comfortable disdaining another. They would probably also be much less angry, fractured and ungovernable. Getting there probably starts by recognizing that Trump and Le Pen supporters are not simply interested in the joy of hate.”
Gives me an idea for a post of my own in the future. Perhaps there are a lot of people who figured Trump's supporters wrong. Even those who are considered "alt-right". And the world would NOT be a better place if everyone felt free to make racist remarks. 
BUSINESS INSIDER: 8 money mistakes the middle class keeps making
NEWSALERT: Silicon Valley attracting DC political veterans looking to start fresh outside of the beltway. If only I had found that job years ago using my poli. sci. degree! 
CAPITOL FAX: A pox on everyone… equally

Basically, everyone in state government is to blame for Illinois' budget crisis. Although this may only mean Gov. Rauner, Speaker Madigan, and all the members of the Illinois General Assembly. Crisis is only 846 days in the making.

Funny how after writing 846 did I look it up to see if I got it right. My short term memory!!! :)

INSTAPUNDIT: Chris Matthews went along with polls because he used to think they were honest

Really you have to click through to get to another link which has this video of Matthews and another with CNN's Don Lemon. It's really interesting to see discussion between two members of the mainstream media. [VIDEO]

Saturday, May 6, 2017

VICTIMHOOD HAS BECOME the Ultimate Status Symbol
Watch the videos again: these students are engaging in precisely the behavior Campbell and Manning describe. They are demanding recognition of various victimhood statuses, and are unwilling to engage in any form of dialogue with those with whom they disagree. The category of “victim” is a moral absolute: no one can argue in favor of its fallibility.

But our understanding of victimhood culture and its relationship with the campus culture wars is incomplete without a commensurate recognition of what Nick Haslam calls concept creep: our understanding of what constitutes harm has broadened to include unintentional verbal slights, rather than being limited to overt, deliberate physical aggression.
Got to walk on eggshells with a lot of people these days.
h/t Newsalert!
POPULAR MECHANICS: How a $10 pan can turn you into a modern-day prospector, whether in the city or the country.

This is news I can use especially when considering investments in precious metals.

h/t Instapundit
CAPITOL FAX: While implying Gov. Rauner is incompetent, former Gov. Jim Edgar also gushes on House Speaker Michael Madigan. Meanwhile Rich Miller believes Madigan was a different man 20 years ago.
Edgar needs to spend more time in Springfield before he says that again. Speaker Madigan is no longer a very tough but fair negotiator like he was back in Edgar’s day. He never used to be such a staunch public employee union ally (the man fought Jim Thompson repeatedly to get some oversight of the governor’s AFSCME contract negotiations, and he passed Tier 2 and Tier 1 pension reform, for crying out loud). He was always a bigtime trial lawyer ally, but he also passed medical malpractice reform. Madigan is, in other words, a different person that he was back then.

THE ATLANTIC: Why Can't the Left Win?
President Trump wields great power. Those who believe him to be a cruel, dishonest man who is glaringly unqualified to preside over the executive branch or U.S. foreign policy, should welcome challenges from the left, right, and center to his administration.

But is the American left capable of political success right now?

Its recent win-loss record is poor, whether one begins with the Seattle WTO protests, the anti-war marches of 2003, the push for immigration reform, Occupy Wall Street, or Black Lives Matter. And observing the left during the first 100 days of the Trump administration, I am beginning to despair that its pathologies are growing in strength at the very moment when the worst of the right is ascendant, too.
h/t Instapundit

Friday, May 5, 2017

LOOPER: 16 upcoming DC movies that will blow you away

And two of them are coming up this year. Hopefully they'll be good and there won't be many complaints as there had been for Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad. [VIDEO]
FOX BUSINESS: How will the GOP healthcare bill affect you? [VIDEO]

Thursday, May 4, 2017

NO's still your fault you lost

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich describes Hillary Clinton's 2016  presidential campaign as a car wreck. He's read this book Shattered and gives it a thumbs up!

EDIT MAY 4, 2017 @ 7:39 PM - Just had to add the video you will see in link above someone uploaded it to YouTube and for the video that was embedded at PJ Media there was no way to share it here. [VIDEO]

NY TIMES: How Every Member Voted on the House Health Care Bill

Well this is the most significant event to happen today. We'll see how it does in the US Senate.

h/t Newsalert

NO HILLARY please don't...

Well that's not true since she's only forming a PAC not with the purpose of running for President in 2020. It sounds like she's down on that after two failed attempts.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

ALTHOUSE: After the left took out O'Reilly, it's no surprise to see #FireColbert heat up.
Yesterday, there was a lot of talk — including here, on this blog — about Stephen Colbert's over-the-top offensive joke "In fact, the only thing [Trump's] mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster."

I considered it unfit for network TV because it's so crudely sexual, but I've seen others denouncing it as homophobic. It didn't strike me that way. I saw it as just the usual disparagement implied by toward the person who getting penetrated in a blow job, the assumption being that this is a sexual act in which one person is serving and subordinated and the other is dominating and getting all the benefit. I think that is more blow-job-o-phobic than homophobic. The person getting disparaged could be another male or could be a female.

But in this particular application of the insult, the giver of the blow job, Trump, is male, so there was an opportunity to portray Colbert's joke as homophobic. The pro-Trump Daily Caller cleverly rested its accusation on a tweet by the non-pro-Trump Glenn Greenwald in "Gay Journalist Accuses Colbert Of Homophobia." Greenwald had tweeted "Homophobia for the right cause, with the right targets, it good homophobia, apparently." Vox — decidedly not pro-Trump — didn't like it either: "Stephen Colbert tried to insult Donald Trump. He made a homophobic comment instead."
I wouldn't necessarily be too upset that Colbert lost his job. It barely registers that his Late Show program is on.

h/t Instapundit
JUST HAD TO SHARE THIS. A man proposed to girlfriend at a baseball game, rejection shown on a jumbotron! OUCH!!!
h/t Newsalert!
THIS IS ONE reason I may never fly and hopefully can afford first class on a plane. Especially American Airlines economy class if they plan to cut leg room.
h/t Newsalert
WELL TIME TRAVEL IS possible, however, I can live with the idea that history could be changed so much that a time machine might not be invented in a universe. Especially if I was the one with the time machine and could change my history.
h/t Instapundit

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

GOOD! Former South Carolina officer to plead guilty in Walter Scott killing
Former South Carolina police officer Michael Slager will plead guilty to violating the civil rights of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man he shot and killed as he fled from a 2015 traffic stop, his lawyer has confirmed.

The 35-year-old former officer, who is white, faces a range of federal civil rights charges and will plead guilty to using excessive force on Scott, his lawyer said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon. A sentencing date has not yet been set, but the conviction carries up to life in prison.

Eyewitness video of the 2015 shooting captured the moment that Slager opened fire on Scott as he ran away from the officer with his back turned. The footage commanded international attention and was cited by members of the Black Lives Matter movement as among the clearest evidence of the fatal consequences of racially biased policing in the US.
One of those things that are clear cut, what reason had there been for him to shoot a man in the back as he flees from police. This is one video that I really couldn't unsee as it's my policy to avoid watching almost  anything that results in a loss of life.

Monday, May 1, 2017

CAPITOL FAX: Shouldn't a governor and a legislative leader meet without it being news? Rich Miller discusses the continuing stalemate with Illinois having no budget. The stalemate between Governor Rauner and Speaker Michael Madigan.

INSIDE HIGHER ED: Why You Should Care About Remedial Math

As Newsalert puts it a sign that "too many people are going to college."
MODERN HEALTHCARE: Oregon lawmakers consider ending Medicaid expansion to shore up budget

If you believe Stephen Green at Instapundit: "That means it's working"

STARTING TODAY THE former Seaway National Bank becomes part of the Self-Help Federal Credit Union. This was something anticipate since it was announced in March. As of January Seaway Bank failed and assets sold to State Bank of Texas. Seaway was formerly a Black-owned financial institution.

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