Sunday, April 9, 2017

THIS YOUNG LADY WAS glad she dropped out of college

I wish to have had this type of evaluation when starting at a community college in Chicago. I respect her decision and it's OK to explore other options before committing to college.
The more I thought about the cost and how much debt I would be accruing, I started to feel resentful. Even students who know their exact path struggle to fit in all the coursework in four years. Half of students who start at a four-year college say they're undecided about their majors, and up to 75 percent of them switch majors at some point, studies have shown.

When I told everyone I wanted to leave, they all showed support, at least to my face. I couldn't tell if their support was sincere or not, but I didn't care. My intention wasn't to drop out and work a minimum-wage job for the rest of my life. The goal was to enjoy life first and return to school in the future when I know what I am passionate about.

Currently, I am living in Arizona with my family and working at a restaurant. It is not the most glamorous job. I spend more time doing dishes, chopping sweet potatoes and polishing glasses than I would like. But I am more content and excited for my future.
I need to find this article about how many students are evaluating those college options. Which are the least expensive and which will lead to solid job prospects. Another important story regarding higher education.