Sunday, April 23, 2017

THE GRIO: College SGA passes resolution on reparations for black students
Western Kentucky University’s Student Government Association passed a resolution on Tuesday that expressed support for paying reparations to black students.

The resolution asks WKU to create a task force in order to “assess the feasibility of test-optional admissions and geographically-weighted admissions.” In particular, they cited research and studies showing that an admissions process that uses standardized test scores “restricts the college opportunities for needy students, helping higher education perpetuate inequality.”
On Thursday a student of Western Kentucky University who supports this resolution appears on FOX News' Tucker Carlson Tonight to plead her case. [VIDEO]
Let me just share this post from It's My Mind written in February 2005. While we might get caught up with a certain segment of the population getting reparations especially to attend college it could be said we already have that type of reparations. They're called Historically Black Colleges!