Monday, April 17, 2017

NO HILLARY.....ahhhh what's the point

Can you tell I enjoy frequently writing such posts?

Anyway I want to be fair to the former Secretary of State, US Senator, and First Lady:
The authors contend that Bill felt that Brexit showed there was a ‘strong contempt for existing power structures that reflected the mood of the American electorate’.

The book says that Clinton felt his wife’s team were ‘underestimating the significance of Brexit’.

Clinton had come to power in 1992 by tapping into similar frustrations and he knew what it was like to be an insurgent candidate.

The book says: ‘Bill had a better feel for the working stiff, whether American or British, than anyone in Hillary’s orbit.
I would've also underestimated Brexit. How could Great Britain's exit from the European Union affect the 2016 election? Clearly she needed some help in connecting with everday Americans, and it could've been her husband - the 42nd President of the United States - and the didn't heed his advice.

And then we hear about the anger, she turned on her aides. In fact, we already saw an account from this book Shattered in another post.

It seems there was a lot of pressure on her, perhaps mostly her own expectations more than anyone else's.