Friday, April 14, 2017

FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION is unacceptable in America. It's unacceptable anywhere but this practice doesn't belong a nation such as ours. And at least one person - a woman at that - got into trouble for it.
BTW, the Nashville-Murfreesboro-Franklin metro area is one of the top 20 places - h/t Instapundit - for female genital mutilation:
Federal contractors in Tennessee have been resettling refugees from countries including Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sudan, listed in the PRB report as among the “Top 10 Countries of Origin” where FGM is practiced.
Despite being a crime in Tennessee since 1996, in 2011, twenty-one cases of FGM were reported in Tennessee. In 2012, Sen. Bill Ketron and Rep. Jeremy Faison updated the law to require that healthcare providers report cases of FGM to law enforcement.

This week, a doctor in Detroit was arrested for allegedly performing FGM on young girls brought to her from Minnesota.
See that Detroit doctor was mentioned here too. The fact that this occurs here in the country should have the feminists of America up in arms and ready to march. Someone's not speaking up for these young women.