Wednesday, April 26, 2017

CHICAGO TRANSIT HISTORY: 20 years ago it was deemed necessary to demolish a segment of the CTA green line from Cottage Grove to University over 63rd Street. The idea was to eliminate blight in the south side Woodlawn community of Chicago. Woodlawn is an area south of Hyde Park which is the neighborhood where the Obama family lived before they moved to the White House in Washington, DC for 8 years.

Now an Obama presidential library is expected to come to Woodlawn in nearby Jackson Park - which could be accessed due east on 63rd Street to Stony Island. Tearing down this segment 20 years ago with that area seemingly becoming a hotbed of investment as seen during the course of this week is now seen as a folly.

I shared two stories about a new grocery store coming to this area and plans to upgrade the local L stop over at The Sixth Ward on Tuesday. Check out this video - which had also been posted at The Sixth Ward - about the demolition of this segment of the L. [VIDEO]