Monday, April 3, 2017


NY Post's Salena Zito writes about the next solid blue region that may fall from Democratic control
In the Acela Express’ business class, your seat is big and comfortable; you can plug in your iPhone or laptop or use the club cafe to sip on a craft IPA or chardonnay.

Sit in first class, and you get to enjoy hot towels, newspapers and beverages. Meals and drinks? Well, they are served to you at your seat.

The ride is a jarring anthropological experience — that is, if you bother to look up from your digital device.

Not because it is too fast, or the curves are too sharp; the jarring effect comes from the visual decay of our country swooshing right before your eyes.

Outside, a different Acela corridor rolls by — one roiled by isolation, decay and societal changes, a world ghosted by technology, corrupt politicians and bad city planning.
Was this the observations of voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Those are blue states that went from Trump in last year's presidential elections.

h/t Instapundit with the comment: “President Trump may not be able to fix the carnage. But he was elected because he is the only politician in America willing to admit the carnage is happening.”