Thursday, April 13, 2017

AMERICAN LENS: The Charlotte Hate Crime The Activist Left Will Largely Ignore

So someone started a fire at a Charlotte, North Carolina grocery store and left a menacing note with the owners who are referred to a refugees and it was signed "White America". Well it turns out white America didn't leave a note at this store as indicated on security cameras and with an arrest on Sunday. Thus:
Imagine there’s no video evidence in this case. How high would the left’s level of outrage be right now? The Code Red button would’ve been hit days ago. The national news media would be all over the story. “Trump’s America strikes again.”

But the activist left’s outrage is muted. There will be no big marches, no hijacking of the interstates. And you won’t find much in the way of national coverage of this story – because the suspect isn’t white. And probably didn’t vote for Donald Trump. As a result, the New York Times and MSNBC, mouthpieces for social justice warriors, can’t sensationalize the story night after night and blame it on the president.

So the hate crime – which sounds like a “hoax” only by way of the fact that the suspect tried to pass off his note as being written by white people – remains primarily a local story, because the race of the suspect doesn’t fit Big Media/left wing narratives. 
If true, we may never see a truly colorblind America. No American should target another whether Black, white, Asian, etc. And of course why would we want to point a finger at any political figure for the ignorance of anyone.

h/t Instapundit