Sunday, April 30, 2017

MY REVIEW OF THE CIRCLE at It's My Mind which is now out at a theater near you. Good movie and hopefully scares you about the power of social media. Especially how far anyone can take it. [VIDEO]
CHICAGO ARGUS: We made it through the 100-day mark; only 1,360 more to go for Trump
SO TRUMP ISN’T exactly wrong when he says the 100-day standard is kind of trivial, and really shouldn’t mean much of anything.

But then again, he’s accomplished so little that the Trump presidency is bordering on truly pathetic – even though Trump’s view of the world claims he has achieved significant goals that will forevermore change mankind. There are those who say he has the worst presidential start ever – although most would have said that regardless of what Trump actually accomplished.

Then again, even Trump can’t really be specific about what those goals were!
INSTAPUNDIT: Trump to eliminate the state and local tax deduction on the federal level. This makes me want to really consider what exactly is in our tax code. It seems like an overly burdensome code that hopefully the President will take pains to streamline if not outright eliminate.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

NASHVILLE GUNFIGHTER TAKES OUT THREE armed robbers single-handedly.

Glenn Reynolds shared this story on Instapundit and says, "Nice job".

Indeed now I only fantasize about taking a firearms course myself. Of course that also means I should take a martial arts course also, but in due time.

ON THIS DAY IN 1983 Harold Washington takes the oath to become the new mayor of Chicago succeeding Mayor Jane Byrne - herself the first woman mayor of Chicago. Posted to both The Sixth Ward & Public School blog.

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THESE COLLEGES COST $250K for a 4-year degree. Go to these school you better have a plan to make this money back. Or at least get scholarships or cash to pay for it without too many loans. Some of those schools could've been my dream school if I didn't consider costs.
h/t Newsalert

Friday, April 28, 2017

POWERLINE BLOG: Can the liberal arts be saved?
Harvey Mansfield likes to say that the job of modern conservatism is to save liberalism from liberals. The educational corollary is that conservatives are the only people who can save the liberal arts from liberalism, which has done its best to ruin them. The post-modern left now dominates the traditional liberal arts disciplines, and wonders why fewer and fewer students want to major in any of those fields any more.
The answer this hopefully will benefit liberal arts schools such as Morehouse College....

h/t Instapundit
INSTAPUNDIT: "They don’t like that America anymore, and the feeling has become mutual."

The point of this quote by Stephen Green at Instapundit is that those Democrats or progressives from those blue enclaves on the west coast and the northeast don't really like flyover country. And yes in light of last year's election results flyover county isn't necessarily accurate. However, I'm still learning that Hillary supporters really were caught off guard by Trump's ascension to the Presidency. He wasn't supposed to win yet he did.

The article itself from which Green wrote his post is as interesting. A portrait of what's necessary for the Democrats to become relevant again. Right now however we have stories of vulgarity from Democratic leaders.
I'D RATHER HOPE NOT, however it seems conflict is headed to the Korean Peninsula.

THIS IS SOMETHING I should post at The Sixth Ward. What if people came into the many neighborhoods in long suffering of Chicago's south side and built new communities?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

THIS I GOT TO WATCH: Free college benefits the rich. Really?

One indication of where this video could go: "One of the pillars of Bernie Sanders's 2016 presidential platform was free tuition at public universities. While it was pitched as a way to help lower income students, AEI Research Analyst Preston Cooper argues that free college helps the rich far more than it helps the poor." [VIDEO]
h/t Newsalert

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

THE ROOT: Black Twitter Claps Back at Confederate-Loving Candidate for Va. Governor

FAST COMPANY: This Is How Political Activism Can Affect Your Job

This is something one must definitely be careful about. To be honest I haven't always been careful about it. My advice be as active as you can outside of work, however, don't do much politicking at work. And beware of advertising any stance on controversial issues.
h/t Newsalert

POLITICO: Why Democrats Are Dropping More F-Bombs Than Ever

Well during the course of the past decade the Democrats did have a blog called "Kicking Ass". Which seems appropriate since the Donkey (aka ass) is their symbol if you will. Even with that in mind, I always thought using that as a name was vulgar for a respectable political organization.

Now it seems increasingly they're getting more vulgar.
Democrats' kicking "ass"
h/t Instapundit
AMERICAN RATTLESNAKE: NYC anti-Trump tax day protest in Manhattan. Lots of photos also!
FINALLY DID A PAGE to explain the name of this blog. Hopefully it makes sense. Perhaps more pages to come just want to come up with a good plan for them all. The expectation enhance the experience of this blog.
REMEMBER THAT REPARATIONS post I published on Sunday. Well I expanded upon this subject over at It's My Mind. If you want to know I'm generally on the fence about this issue, but if it ever happens my hopes that reparations could be used to benefit Blacks in America. And no individual checks wouldn't be considered as benefiting the Black community in my mind.
THE AMERICAN INTEREST: The Vanishing Liberal Arts Degree 

Arguments made in that article may not fit what I will say here, but it will be stated. This article may not bode well for Morehouse College - a liberal arts college. A liberal education is necessary as much as a vocational education or a stem education. Question is how to make it relevant for the 21st century....

h/t Newsalert 
CHICAGO TRANSIT HISTORY: 20 years ago it was deemed necessary to demolish a segment of the CTA green line from Cottage Grove to University over 63rd Street. The idea was to eliminate blight in the south side Woodlawn community of Chicago. Woodlawn is an area south of Hyde Park which is the neighborhood where the Obama family lived before they moved to the White House in Washington, DC for 8 years.

Now an Obama presidential library is expected to come to Woodlawn in nearby Jackson Park - which could be accessed due east on 63rd Street to Stony Island. Tearing down this segment 20 years ago with that area seemingly becoming a hotbed of investment as seen during the course of this week is now seen as a folly.

I shared two stories about a new grocery store coming to this area and plans to upgrade the local L stop over at The Sixth Ward on Tuesday. Check out this video - which had also been posted at The Sixth Ward - about the demolition of this segment of the L. [VIDEO]

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

THE COLLEGE FIX: College must fire white woman because she studies black communities, activists demand 

What in the world???
Goffman beat out two “highly qualified Black women whose critical research focuses on intersectionality and structural inequality,” according to the letter. Hiring whites over nonwhites also harms students of color,
 They also claim that Goffman has contributed to the “hyper-criminalization of Black men and hyper-sexualization of Black women,” citing an anonymous 60-page letter emailed to sociologists and covered by The New York Times that cast doubt on Goffman’s research.
And no less found in another article from PJ Media regarding a white football coach who helped his predominantly Black football team win a state title in Texas. It appears for some odd reason, that particular high school doesn't need his services because of the color of his skin.

Are we being PC here or just looking out for other minorities?

Monday, April 24, 2017

IT APPEARS MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL is declaring his tax on plastic and paper bags by retail stores in effect since February is a success. And there's one "tweeter" that doesn't like this tax

Check the comments on this ig post another comment about taxes. Needed to be screen capped in case you know the Mayor's people decide the people can't speak freely about him on the instagram.
MOREHOUSE COLLEGE GLEE CLUB featured in an American Family Insurance commercial.
INSTAPUNDIT: Looks at a piece about suicides among Greenland's Inuits and then Glenn Reynolds wonders if there is any connection with suicides among working-class white American.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

THE GRIO: College SGA passes resolution on reparations for black students
Western Kentucky University’s Student Government Association passed a resolution on Tuesday that expressed support for paying reparations to black students.

The resolution asks WKU to create a task force in order to “assess the feasibility of test-optional admissions and geographically-weighted admissions.” In particular, they cited research and studies showing that an admissions process that uses standardized test scores “restricts the college opportunities for needy students, helping higher education perpetuate inequality.”
On Thursday a student of Western Kentucky University who supports this resolution appears on FOX News' Tucker Carlson Tonight to plead her case. [VIDEO]
Let me just share this post from It's My Mind written in February 2005. While we might get caught up with a certain segment of the population getting reparations especially to attend college it could be said we already have that type of reparations. They're called Historically Black Colleges!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

AJC: The 10 cities where African-Americans are doing the best economically
"US IS REGRESSING into a developing nation for most people"

This article is saying the middle-class of America is in a steep decline.
h/t Newsalert

Friday, April 21, 2017

THE TINY OREGON TOWN of Tiller is for sale. Own a whole town in southwestern Oregon is a great opportunity to create in city in your image. What could one do if they owned houses, commercial property, an elementary school, land under a post office, water rights, etc. If only I had $3.5 million...
h/t Newsalert
CAPITOL FAX: Blagojevich again denied - good. 👍

To be sure, I don't want to see anyone go to prison and remain there. On the other hand before he was tried and apparently even now - in prison - he still shows no remorse for selling the former President Barack Obama's US Senate seat. Which is one among other crimes for which Blago was convicted.

FORBES: 10 Things That Are Worse For Your Career Than Getting Fired
THIS STORY HAS ME DISGUSTED: An ex-wife tells her dying husband that President Trump has been impeached. She says she wanted him to have a happy thought as he was dying. Why make him happy as he leaves this world by telling him a lie, it's also terrible to make someone happy by noting someone else's failures.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

LEGAL INSURRECTION: Here’s why Rush survived pressure on advertisers while O’Reilly didn’t

To be fair, I've learned there are many who don't like O'Reilly on either side. This seems like an unfortunate railroad although if these sexual harassment allegations are true I won't feel bad about it. Such conduct already cost Roger Ailes has job as FOX News CEO last year.

h/t Instapundit
CAPITOL FAX ON ILLINOIS BUDGET STALEMATE: The very real harm of a man-made crisis

WHAT IS THE 369th Infantry Reginment?

5 facts about the all-black Army regiment that saw more combat than any other US unit in World War I
CAPITOL FAX: WOAH! "Illinois is so horrible that it’s dragging down national higher ed averages"

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

BILL O'REILLY IS OUT at FOX News. All those sexual harrasment claims and settlements did him in. A new day for that network.
CAPITOL FAX: Last ditch appeal by Blagojevich

Illinois' former governor still trying to get out of his 14 year federal sentence he's currently serving.

ILLINOIS REVIEW: Australian Senator talks libertarianism to the Heartland Institute. This is a must see video, I'll watch with you OK. :) [VIDEO]
REASON: This LA Musician Built $1,200 Tiny Houses for the Homeless. Then the City Seized Them. 

Certainly I have my own opinion about the homeless and admittedly none of it very positive, but what Los Angeles did to them was wrong. Not even allowing these individuals to collect their personal effects just destroy these sheds with no alternative I feel awful. [VIDEO]
THIS SHATTERED BOOK about Ms. Hillary Clinton is truly getting plenty of attention. Sen. Bernie Sanders who gave Clinton a run for her money during the 2016 Democratic primaries didn't want to be recorded saying "I'm with her". Sanders referred to Clinton's campaign slogan as phony.

I need to read that book, to get as close to an inside look at the former Secretary of State with her campaign and her psychology during the campaign is worth reading.

h/t Newsalert
VIA NEWSALERT: Lerone Bennett Jr. - Morehouse Man, author, social history & senior editor of Ebony Magazine - speaks at Cornell University about President Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, and race. I start the vid at about 12:25 by about 12:33 into vid Mr. Bennett speaks. [VIDEO]

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

REASON: 23 Tax Facts and Tips in Two and a Half Minutes 

Tax filing day is just about over so, these are tips you can use for next year. :P [VIDEO]
THE VIDEO YOU SEE BELOW is almost two years old. It shows you how to use the Periscope app to broadcast live streaming videos. Seems like a cool application to use if done right. [VIDEO]
I WOULD CONTINUE WITH the "No Hillary" theme, however, I will not. Let's just talk about this book Shattered. It's about the former First Lady, US Senate, & Secretary of State's 2016 Presidential campaign. There was some chaos and not just Clinton's attitude towards her staff as it appeared this campaign for the Presidency was inevitable.

Reading this from Washington Examiner, a lot of missed signals and opportunities to make last year's election more competitive at least.

h/t Instapundit
MEANWHILE AT MOREHOUSE COLLEGE the young men cross the burning sands of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity last week. [VIDEO]
Whoever runs the AUCCAM on instagram does great work and almost have me having flashbacks although I never went "Greek" during the course of my days in Atlanta.
WTF IS A symbolic arrest?

Some really bizarre stuff you will see here. Or as seen on Instapundit: Even the local police are costars in Berkeley’s never-ending Theater of the Absurd.

So this is just part of the event planning? The police are part of the show! Something's wrong here!
h/t Newsalert
BUSINESS INSIDER: If the latest iPhone 8 rumors are true, Samsung should be worried

I probably won't get the iPhone 8 this year, however, it would be interesting to see what Apple has in store for the new iPhones. Wasn't a huge fan of the iPhone 7 that came out last year.
FORBES: 9 Things That Make You Unlikable

Monday, April 17, 2017

NO HILLARY.....ahhhh what's the point

Can you tell I enjoy frequently writing such posts?

Anyway I want to be fair to the former Secretary of State, US Senator, and First Lady:
The authors contend that Bill felt that Brexit showed there was a ‘strong contempt for existing power structures that reflected the mood of the American electorate’.

The book says that Clinton felt his wife’s team were ‘underestimating the significance of Brexit’.

Clinton had come to power in 1992 by tapping into similar frustrations and he knew what it was like to be an insurgent candidate.

The book says: ‘Bill had a better feel for the working stiff, whether American or British, than anyone in Hillary’s orbit.
I would've also underestimated Brexit. How could Great Britain's exit from the European Union affect the 2016 election? Clearly she needed some help in connecting with everday Americans, and it could've been her husband - the 42nd President of the United States - and the didn't heed his advice.

And then we hear about the anger, she turned on her aides. In fact, we already saw an account from this book Shattered in another post.

It seems there was a lot of pressure on her, perhaps mostly her own expectations more than anyone else's.

WASHINGTON POST: New Mexico Gov. Martinez vetoes higher education funding. All of it.
This almost seems to echo some of what's going on in Illinois.

h/t Newsalert
INSTAPUNDIT: Hawaii leadership forced to revise emergency attack plans. Makes sense North Korea could develop the technology to potentially send nuclear missiles to Hawaii or even the west coast.
THE SIXTH WARD: The formerly prosperous South Shore neighborhood of Chicago is leading all city neighborhoods in evictions. It's really a shame.
Via The Chicago Neighborhoods

PLEASE DON'T BRING THIS idea to Chicago. There will be more construction at O'Hare and more concerns about buying land from suburbs that would rather fight the city. I wonder what is the status of O'Hare as far as expansion.

This circular runway could revolutionize air travel.

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CITY JOURNAL: For Profit, Anti-Poverty

Reminds me of the fight here in Chicago - ultimately lost - to keep Walmart out of Chicago. The Chicago City Council had passed an ordinance where stores with X amount of floor space had to pay $10/hr with $3/hr in benefits. It got vetoed and Chicago has several Walmart stores now.

New York City under Mayor Bill de Blasio on the other hand wants to keep Walmart out of the Big Apple period. This at the expense of low-income people. Especially for low-price paid by consumers there.

h/t Instapundit

Walmart in Pullman, Chicago - 2013

Sunday, April 16, 2017

TODAY IS EASTER and I just had to admire this post I saw on instagram. James Evans - played by John Amos - of the 1970s hit sitcom Good Times in front of a painting of a Black Jesus. I saw plenty of instagram post of Easter eggs and bunnies and just decided to go with religious iconography. When did bunnies and eggs become part of Easter in the first place I now wonder.
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NO HILLARY....oh nevermind

More fallout from last year's Presidential race. It seems our former Secretary of State had some real serious problems going through the primary fight with US Sen. Bernie Sanders. We see how she basically nails her campaign workers and strategists. I would dread working for Mrs. Hillary Clinton perhaps her staff lacked the energy to continue campaigning for her.

h/t Instapundit

Saturday, April 15, 2017

TODAY IS JACKIE ROBINSON DAY for Major League Baseball everyone wears Jackie Robinson's #42 in their games. Jackie Robinson formerly played for the Brooklyn (now Los Angeles) Dodgers.

While I'll show MLB's ig post here, I will also share the post from the Chicago White Sox honoring this day.
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Friday, April 14, 2017

CITIZEN JOURNALISM SCHOOL: Are you responsible for the BAD state of journalism?
FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION is unacceptable in America. It's unacceptable anywhere but this practice doesn't belong a nation such as ours. And at least one person - a woman at that - got into trouble for it.
BTW, the Nashville-Murfreesboro-Franklin metro area is one of the top 20 places - h/t Instapundit - for female genital mutilation:
Federal contractors in Tennessee have been resettling refugees from countries including Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sudan, listed in the PRB report as among the “Top 10 Countries of Origin” where FGM is practiced.
Despite being a crime in Tennessee since 1996, in 2011, twenty-one cases of FGM were reported in Tennessee. In 2012, Sen. Bill Ketron and Rep. Jeremy Faison updated the law to require that healthcare providers report cases of FGM to law enforcement.

This week, a doctor in Detroit was arrested for allegedly performing FGM on young girls brought to her from Minnesota.
See that Detroit doctor was mentioned here too. The fact that this occurs here in the country should have the feminists of America up in arms and ready to march. Someone's not speaking up for these young women.

GOT TO LOVE that Trump family

I mean seriously, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. To be fair opposition to gay marriage on the part of the family that owns Chick-fil-A was used a few years ago to derail a new restaurant in the Wicker Park/Bucktown area of Chicago.

"Donald Trump Jr. mocked LGBT students who oppose the opening of Chick-fil-A on campus, calling them triggered"
h/t Newsalert
CAPITOL FAX: “Big drug dealer” or damaged veteran in dire need of a break?

Very interesting this green card holder is involved with drugs and yet is an Afghan War veteran. He's being targeted for deportation due to his drug conviction and his lawyers are asking for a pardon from Gov. Bruce Rauner. Funny rub is that the Cook County State's Attorney - who is of course a Democrat - opposes this petition.

As Rich Miller puts it: "The Cook County State’s Attorney, who’s about as far from a Trump-loving, immigrant-bashing politico as you can get, opposes clemency."

Of course I recognize that his deportation hearings and his request for clemency are two separate proceedings. He could be pardoned and still get deported or not pardoned and become a citizen although in a corrections facility.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

THE 25th ANNIVERSARY of the Great Chicago Loop Flood!

Almost forgot to mark this occasion with a quick post. Some links that mark this significant historic event and finally a video.
Finally from this day in 2012 Chicago's CBS affiliate marked this day and here's a YouTube video of their story. [VIDEO]
I was in grade school at the time and I don't remember much about that day. My mother worked in downtown Chicago and I can't even say if she came home early. Although I do remember they brought home a sponge marking this event. One that was flat and dry until hydrated and it expanded. Cool stuff for a middle schooler at the time.
THIS IS SOME SCARY STUFF: U.S. May Launch Strike If North Korea Reaches For Nuclear Trigger

Let me see an isolated nation with an dictator who seems almost capable of anything and we're going to strike him before he does his nuclear test. I hope they're sure how they're going to knock out some of his capabilities. That or keep him from triggering a second Korean War.

ALMOST FORGOT THAT baseball season is underway. The Cubs put up their world series championship banner at Wrigley Field on April 10th. I wrote about it at It's My Mind. It's still strange that the Chicago Cubs won the world series last year!

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AMERICAN LENS: The Charlotte Hate Crime The Activist Left Will Largely Ignore

So someone started a fire at a Charlotte, North Carolina grocery store and left a menacing note with the owners who are referred to a refugees and it was signed "White America". Well it turns out white America didn't leave a note at this store as indicated on security cameras and with an arrest on Sunday. Thus:
Imagine there’s no video evidence in this case. How high would the left’s level of outrage be right now? The Code Red button would’ve been hit days ago. The national news media would be all over the story. “Trump’s America strikes again.”

But the activist left’s outrage is muted. There will be no big marches, no hijacking of the interstates. And you won’t find much in the way of national coverage of this story – because the suspect isn’t white. And probably didn’t vote for Donald Trump. As a result, the New York Times and MSNBC, mouthpieces for social justice warriors, can’t sensationalize the story night after night and blame it on the president.

So the hate crime – which sounds like a “hoax” only by way of the fact that the suspect tried to pass off his note as being written by white people – remains primarily a local story, because the race of the suspect doesn’t fit Big Media/left wing narratives. 
If true, we may never see a truly colorblind America. No American should target another whether Black, white, Asian, etc. And of course why would we want to point a finger at any political figure for the ignorance of anyone.

h/t Instapundit

IF THIS IS WHAT took care of former Alabama Governor Robert Bentley's political career then it's a cautionary tale. He was divorced while in office and the evidence was mounting that he was cheating. It all served as fuel to the fire. Damn all she had to do was save her reciepts.
INSTAPUNDIT: As it appears President Trump's relationship with China warms we also find out that Chinese companies are helping North Korea launch satellites into space. Right now we're worried about their capability to launch long-range nuclear missles...
OLD NEWS HOWEVER, worth sharing regardless: New York making state colleges tuition-free for middle class, poor
The plan crafted by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo will apply to any New York student whose family has an annual income of $125,000 or less. To qualify the student would have to meet certain class load and grade point average restrictions, and room and board would not be covered.

“College is today what high school was 50 years ago,” Cuomo said on a radio interview Sunday on AM 970 in New York City. “If you’re a young person who wants success and a career, a college education is necessary.
Good development to be sure, however, I really want to de-emphasize the idea that college is what like high school. Now we're just further enforcing that idea that college is another entitlement and you need it now more than ever.

It also further enforces the idea of college as expected of young people. Let's be careful with this messaging, college isn't for everyone especially graduating seniors who've yet to figure out what they want to do. 

h/t Capitol Fax
TO REUNITE AMERICA, liberate cities to govern themselves
It is time for American mayors and community leaders—from small towns, suburbs and midsized ‘burgs to great metropolitan capitals like New York City, LA, and Chicago to press for a similar devolution of power. Such a strategy recognizes both the advantages that come from local innovation and problem solving and the substantial variations in local capabilities and needs. This need for devolution and local empowerment does not just apply to the federal government; it applies to the relationship between the states and municipalities as well. A greater recognition of local differences may be particularly helpful for suburbs, which often have little voice in regional decision-making compared to either big city mayors or the rural and small town interests that dominate many statehouses.
Something to chew and again of interest to the political scientist in me.

h/t Newsalert
ALSO FORGOT TO MENTION: David Letterman's mother Dorothy Letterman - who made many appearances on her son's late night programs - passed away Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

FORGOT TO MENTION: Charlie Murphy whom I largely know from his appearances on Comedy Central's Chappelle's Show passed away today at 57.

MARATHON PUNDIT: Chicago is destroying O'Hare too

Blowback from the story regarding the passenger on United who had been forcibly removed from his flight. Could that incident be one reason that O'Hare will not be the airport of choice for many? Just look at the many reasons John Ruberry cites.
CAPITOL FAX: Hardline FOP President loses to even bigger hardliner

 One of those articles noted in that posts indicates that contract negotiations between the Fraternal Order of Police and Mayor Rahm Emanuel will be more contentious. One hardliners loses to another even bigger hardliner.

THE POLITICAL SCIENTIST within me wants to read this one

Tennessee Star: Constitution Series - Federalism

h/t Instapundit

VIDEO: 1918 Cadillac type 57 Victoria

While I'm still mad at Jay Leno for that debacle where Conan O'Brien was forced to leave NBC's The Tonight Show in 2009, this was an enjoyable video. To see a class almost 100 year old vehicle in almost perfect condition being driven on today's streets. Also to know its history and see many aspects of it. Very cool. [VIDEO]

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

CAPITOL FAX: CPD denies “he fell” statement was a formal response

This whole story is why I don't plan to fly anytime soon or will avoid "flying the friendly skies" of United Airlines.
FORTUNE: Trump’s Travel Spending for One Year Could Surpass Expenses For Obama’s Entire Term
One year’s worth of travel expenses for President Donald Trump looks likely to surpass spending for the entire eight-year term of his predecessor Barack Obama, having already cost American taxpayers an estimated $20 million in his first 80 days alone.

CNN reports that Trump’s frequent visits to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida—where he has hosted world leaders including Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping—have already racked up a bill of about $21.6 million.

The costs are estimated based on a 2016 accountability report finding that a four-day trip by Obama in 2013 cost $3.6 million, mostly spent on providing Secret Service and Coast Guard services. Despite Trump’s apparent outsized expenditures, he has long cast criticism on Obama for traveling on the taxpayer’s dime.
Almost sounds like a gotcha game, CNN reported on this on TV and showed a long ago tweet of Trump - back when he was still a private citizen - criticizing President Obama's spending.
SCANDAL IN ALABAMA: 'Dark day' as Alabama governor cuts plea deal, resigns

Well cutting that plea deal is saying something. They got something on him and he couldn't fight as it seemed he would. Otherwise the Alabama legislature would've impeached him.

A parting tweet as he resigns his office Gov. Bentley

CHICAGO HAS BEEN HIT hard by heavy rain for over the past two weeks or so. Just look at how this neighborhood public park looks. Something I also shared at The Sixth Ward.
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THE DAILY CALLER: Neil Gorsuch Is Sworn In As The 113th US Supreme Court Justice

This happened on Monday morning he had been confirmed by US Senate on Friday for his seat on the US Supreme Court.

Monday, April 10, 2017

RON PAUL: The former Republican congressman from Texas with libertarian leanings and father of US Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says "We need a revolution". Why yes, yes we do! [VIDEO]
h/t Newsalert
THE SIXTH WARD: Judge was killed Monday morning outside of his Chicago home. Quite a shocking story that I found via Instapundit with the quote: "scenes from Rahm Emanuel's Chicago". What a shame.
HOW PORTLAND IGNORES its working class h/t Instapundit
Portland, Oregon

Sunday, April 9, 2017

NO HILLARY YOU lost the 2016 election all by yourself. No sense in blaming anyone else for losing to Donald Trump. Sorry no sympathy at all!

Oh yeah and please don't run in 2016 2020 get behind someone else who won't make the same mistakes you had.

OH YES I FOUND IT: Students selecting a college increasingly consider long-term job prospects, debt
For years, high school seniors hoping to go to college in the fall fixated on getting into their dream college. But that's changed. Students still are thinking about their campus visits and hoping to immerse themselves in a college culture that seems to best fit who they are. But in an era marked by job insecurity and student loan worries, concerns about keeping debt down and finding a decent job after graduation have turned the longing for the dream school into a secondary issue.

Since 2003, the Princeton Review has surveyed college applicants and their parents about the stress associated with the admission process and getting financial offers from colleges.

In 2003, with jobs plentiful and few people asking "Is college worth it?" only 56 percent of students and their parents said their stress was high. This year, 76 percent said they were worried about the financial aspects of college.
I suppose today's families and students are much smarter than perhaps my parents or at least the parents of my generation.

THIS YOUNG LADY WAS glad she dropped out of college

I wish to have had this type of evaluation when starting at a community college in Chicago. I respect her decision and it's OK to explore other options before committing to college.
The more I thought about the cost and how much debt I would be accruing, I started to feel resentful. Even students who know their exact path struggle to fit in all the coursework in four years. Half of students who start at a four-year college say they're undecided about their majors, and up to 75 percent of them switch majors at some point, studies have shown.

When I told everyone I wanted to leave, they all showed support, at least to my face. I couldn't tell if their support was sincere or not, but I didn't care. My intention wasn't to drop out and work a minimum-wage job for the rest of my life. The goal was to enjoy life first and return to school in the future when I know what I am passionate about.

Currently, I am living in Arizona with my family and working at a restaurant. It is not the most glamorous job. I spend more time doing dishes, chopping sweet potatoes and polishing glasses than I would like. But I am more content and excited for my future.
I need to find this article about how many students are evaluating those college options. Which are the least expensive and which will lead to solid job prospects. Another important story regarding higher education.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

STOCKHOLM ATTACK: "suspect device" found in truck

On April 7, 2017 a truck crashed into a Stockholm department story killing 4 people and injuring 10. The BBC talks about this device:
Police say it is too early to tell what the "technical device" in the lorry was - only that "it should not be there".

"I cannot say at this stage that this is a bomb or some sort of flammable material," Mr Eliasson said.

"We are doing a technical investigation."
In discussing whether or not there had been further terrorist attacks in Sweden this justifies a statement I make a few weeks ago here:
Sweden has taken in nearly 200,000 refugees and migrants in recent years - more per capita than any other European country.

However, there was a drop in numbers last year after the country introduced new border checks.

Separately, Sweden is believed to have the highest number of Islamic State group fighters per capita in Europe.

About 140 of the 300 who went to Syria and Iraq have since returned, leaving the authorities to grapple with how best to reintegrate them into society.
Bringing in people from war-torn societies can become a recipe for disaster without a doubt.

Friday, April 7, 2017

THE WAR AT MOREHOUSE: Something gave

So perhaps that letter from the three prominent Morehouse alums made some difference.
The national controversy surrounding Morehouse College and the future of its leadership came to a surprising conclusion this afternoon, as the entire board of trustees and its president resigned this afternoon during a scheduled board meeting.

Board Chairman Robert Davidson and President John Silvanus Wilson stepped down from their respective positions effective immediately, and a new board chaired by Willie Woods announced William ‘Bill’ Taggart as interim president.
All I want to say on this is good!

THE FIX: Is President Trump’s strike on Syria constitutional?

But foreign policy experts The Fix spoke to say Trump is probably okay launching one or even a couple series of strikes on his own without Congress's permission. That's because the War Powers Act allows the president to take some military action on his own, as long as it's more of a one-off thing and not long term.
I need to do more research on the War Powers Act however I know that there are some people out there who believes depending upon the situation the President much get a declaration of war from Congress. Then again even before American involvement in Korea & Vietnam for example where America was engaged in a foreign conflict without Congressional approval.
NO HILLARY, you lost the 2016 election all by yourself. No sense in blaming anyone else for why there was no enthusiasm for your campaign. Even if you were the first woman to secure a major party nomination for President.

h/t Instapundit

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Comedian Don Rickles has died today. I know him from watching reruns of CPO Sharkey that aired on Comedy Central during the 1990s. In spite of the airstrikes over Syria and Rickels' death there are plenty of laughs to be had in the clip below. [VIDEO]

THE RED LINE: US airstrikes on Syria

This is in response to the chemical attacks by the Assad regime on civilian targets in Syria.


I like how this car is referred to as a machine that changed the world. Enabled people with a decent salary - not a wealthy person - to be able to transport themselves. These were designed for the poor roads of the early 20th century. They seem like complicated vehicles to operate, however, they were fit for their times. Henry Ford inspite of his odd quirks - do a little bit more research on the architect that designed one of Ford's groundbreaking factories - he truly created something that was significant. [VIDEO]

HOW THE AMERICAN DREAM went wrong in Detroit

A video produced by Journeyman Pictures from Australia originally recorded in 2009 according to their website. How much has changed since roughly the time Obama first got inaugurated at America's 1st Black President. [VIDEO]

WASHINGTON POST: Empowered student journalists

Student journalists empowered to look into the background of a newly appointed principal who was later forced to resign:
A group of reporters and editors from the student newspaper, the Booster Redux at Pittsburg High School in southeastern Kansas, had gathered to talk about Amy Robertson, who was hired as the high school’s head principal on March 6.

The student journalists had begun researching Robertson, and quickly found some discrepancies in her education credentials. For one, when they researched Corllins University, the private university where Robertson said she got her master’s and doctorate degrees years ago, the website didn’t work. They found no evidence that it was an accredited university.

“There were some things that just didn’t quite add up,” Balthazor told The Washington Post.

The students began digging into a weeks-long investigation that would result in an article published Friday questioning the legitimacy of the principal’s degrees and of her work as an education consultant.

On Tuesday night, Robertson resigned.
These are the future leaders, empowered students who take an interest in their education.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

BLACK TWITTER EXPLODES #blacklivesmatter...

after Muslim teen is accepted into Stanford with "Black Lives Matter" essay. Yeah remember that story from a few days ago. And then the outrage.

h/t Instapundit

CAPITOL FAX: Rauner primary challenge

Apparently some Republicans want a downstate Senator to run against Gov. Rauner. It could become a problem for the incumbent according to Rich Miller.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


In looking at these graphics I need to do some research. First are the information contained in these graphics true and if they are how does one justify paying someone according to their gender or ethnicity?


You can read more about the history of the flag at CurbedChicago


Martin Luther King Jr. was slain in Memphis 49 years ago

THIS HAPPENED TODAY: Chemical attack in Syria

As I share this link regarding this chemical attack in Syria, check out this statement by President Donald Trump regarding this attack.

CAPITOL FAX: Only one demographic holdout on legalization

Only one demographic group opposes the legalization of marihuana in Illinois, born-again Christians. All other groups be they conservative, Republican, or senior citizens support legalization.

THE ROOT: What it takes to get into college #blacklivesmatter

Ziad Ahmed wrote the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter 100 times, and that one act of activism paid off. According to a Mic profile of Ahmed, he received his letter of acceptance from Stanford on Friday.

Ahmed, who is a senior at Princeton (N.J.) Day School, said in an email to Mic: “I was actually stunned when I opened the update and saw that I was admitted. I didn’t think I would get admitted to Stanford at all, but it’s quite refreshing to see that they view my unapologetic activism as an asset rather than a liability.”
Certainly a different world from when it was time for me to apply for colleges less than 20 years ago.


This Spelman College sophomore discusses why she chose going to her historically Black college and some of the push back from the people in her life.

Monday, April 3, 2017

CAPITOL FAX: A snapshot of Chicago’s violence problem

A snapshot of violence in South Shore which was the scene of a deadly shooting outside of a restaurant.

HEATSTREET: Calls For College President to Resign Because She Rejects Safe Spaces

This is unbelievable:
Rita Cheng, who leads Northern Arizona University, sparked protests and a campus walkout by telling students they had to confront ideas they don’t like rather than hide from them.

The university’s Student Action Coalition attacked Dr Cheng’s leadership and demanded that she quit after a tense confrontation at a Q&A session.
h/t Newsalert

CAPITOL FAX: Does Rauner want a deal?

Rich Miller's syndicated column regarding the budget impasse that continues in Illinois. Gov. Rauner isn't getting along with Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and apparently the respective Democratic and Republican leaders in the Illinois Senate where they have come up with a solution to the impasse that it appears no one is willing to move forward.