Friday, March 24, 2017

WHAT YOU NEED TO know before US House of Reps votes on bill to replace Obamacare
In the meanwhile Trump has issued an ultimatum to US House GOP leaders
Chris Collins, a New York Republican who supports Mr Trump, said on Thursday evening: "The president has said he wants a vote tomorrow, up or down. If for any reason it is down, we are just going to move forward with additional parts of his agenda."

Mr Trump kept up the pressure on Friday morning, tweeting: "After seven horrible years of ObamaCare (skyrocketing premiums & deductibles, bad healthcare), this is finally your chance for a great plan!"

Another tweet targeted the conservative Freedom Caucus, many of whose members have opposed the bill.
Moderates are upset that the proposed legislation cuts health coverage too much. Hard-liners are angry the changes don't go far enough. Donald Trump is warning that if things don't go his way, he'll abandon the whole effort.

The president's move effectively forces the hand of recalcitrant members of Congress. The moderates seem unlikely to budge, so it all comes down to the libertarian-leaning Freedom Caucus conservatives. Is a half a repeal loaf better than no loaf at all?
Wild times we're living in, and the President is telling us that if the House can't get it together to start repeal and replace Obamacare it's going to be with us a little while longer...

h/t Newsalert