Friday, March 3, 2017

[VIDEO] SWEDISH WOMEN LIVING IN FEAR of both immigrants and radical feminists. Daily Mail reporter Katie Hopkins visits Sweden to find the truth about what's going on there. She discusses her dishearting findings with Tucker Carlson.
And she wrote about it too! This part of the article disturbs me:
I saw it in action when I ran to the scene of an unexploded hand grenade in a bin outside the police station of a no-go area of town, near a mosque. I asked the police who the target was.

They said they didn't know. I asked the Muslim leader at the mosque. He said he thought it was the police.

Then two women grabbed me and told me not to make this about the mosque, not to make this a Muslim issue. This was about the police — nothing to do with migrants. I wondered if they weren't missing the point. A bomb in a bin.

Within twelve hours of my landing in Sweden, an asylum centre was burned down, arson suspected; a hand grenade was planted in a bin, either for the police or the mosque; and another hand grenade exploding, injuring one in Malmö.

Whether this noisy stuff matters or not is open to debate. I'd argue this is madness. I am in utter disbelief that this is Sweden in the 21st century, a country idolised for its ultra-advanced ideals.
As stated in the video above, the liberals of Sweden would rather destroy their society than to address the many troubles that are coming into their nation. They're bringing in people from war-zones who haven't quite stopped fighting.

h/t Newsalert