Thursday, March 2, 2017

In other words, Democrats and liberals have been driving drunk while texting for eight years. Swerving into the wrong lane, they crashed into oncoming traffic and sit, dazed and confused, wondering what happened. The few survivors crawl out of the clown car screaming at the innocent people they’ve harmed. After all, it’s never their fault, you see, it’s everyone else’s for daring to get in their way.
The target may have been President Trump, but the derision was meant for the people who elected him. Nothing says “oops” like ridiculing your audience.

I apparently was one of the millions who didn’t tune in, causing the ABC network program to be the least-watched in nine years. The Los Angeles Times spent thousands of words trying to explain why the awards show had its third year of ratings decline. It was late, they explained, small budget films and, they mused pensively, maybe, just maybe, “[t]he promise of strong criticism of President Trump from the Oscars participants may also have put off some viewers.”
The transformation of actors into thugs condemning those who don’t conform is something George Orwell would understand, and they are in the same free-fall as their beloved Democratic Party. Vanity Fair reported last year, “The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson points out that ‘in 2016, the film industry is on pace to sell the fewest U.S. tickets per person of any year since perhaps before the 1920s and the fewest total tickets in two decades.’ “
Here's another example warning we're entering the "no-spin zone". Mr. Bill O'Reilly has never seen an ideological collapse as he's seen with liberal Democrats. [VIDEO]
Mentioned in the above video, Democrats didn't even applaud the widow of a departed Navy Seal. The slam of President Trump at the Oscars Sunday night. Of course we can also look at how the Democrats handled the 2016 election that resulted ultimately in a Trump presidency. I don't want to say the Democrats are in a collapse, but aside from this idea of "shutting white people down" something is up.

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