Friday, March 17, 2017

RS McCAIN: Paychecks from the Patriarchy. The Australian Football League is bankrolling a professional women's league. Akin to the National Basketball Association bankrolling the WNBA.
Carlton’s 23-year star player Darcy Vescio boasted on her Instagram page that the women’s league was “gonna smash the patriarchy,” which prompted a Melbourne designer, Erica Boucher, to create a T-shirt with that slogan. Vescio was certainly smashing in the season opener, kicking four goals to lead the Carlton Blues to victory over the Collingwood Magpies. Yet that game could never have been played — women’s pro football would not exist in Australia — if the men who run the AFL hadn’t agreed to subsidize it. Has any reporter in Australia asked why the patriarchy is paying for itself to be smashed?
If you read the whole thing you'll see a discussion about homosexuality amongst women athletes. Seemed like an odd pivot.

This video below is for the benefit of those of you aren't familiar with Australian rules football. Although in this case we're watching the variety played by women. [VIDEO]
h/t Instapundit