Sunday, March 5, 2017

OVER AT THE SIXTH WARD, I did a post about Black homeownership based on a Chicago Public Radio article from last month. I basically got stuck on this "black tax" which is explained:
But Chatham was no urban Mayberry. When I was in high school, the “Chatham rapist” stalked the neighborhood. On more than one occasion, thieves broke into our garage.

“There was crime in the neighborhood, although it was a very nice neighborhood,” my mom said. “But you would hear about robberies in the area, so that was a downfall, I think.”

This is part of what’s called the black tax. Black middle-class neighborhoods are more affected by urban ills than white middle-class neighborhoods; you have to deal with more poverty, more crime, worse schools and fewer services.
Basically Blacks who live in good areas but is mostly Black don't get the same equity as those Black who live in more integrated neighborhoods. Also if you have some of the conveniences such as the shops you also pay more because these establishments require security why well mostly Black areas have high crime.

It make sense, but it just seems so unfair. If there was a way to change this.