Friday, March 17, 2017

I"M SURPRISED THAT I CAN READ THIS: Listen, Can We Please Not Do This Shit?
Here’s a newsflash that doesn’t require a 20-minute preamble: The most influential member of the Trump Administration is an unabashed white supremacist. That doesn’t require the use of hyperbole. Steve Bannon is an actual, literal, white supremacist. So is influential Iowa Republican Steve King. I’m not even going to provide links for this, because I don’t have to. That would be like if I told you that water is made of one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen, and you said, “Hey buddy, better check your sources.” No, you’re an idiot, and Steve Bannon and Steve King don’t like people who aren’t white. It’s proven fact. There are hundreds of white supremacists throughout our federal and state governments, and they’re getting used to being able to say and do very racist shit without repercussion.

Please, cover that stuff. Use words that matter. Two pages of tax returns from 12 years ago? Unless you have something that matters, please, Rachel, everyone. I know your ratings are important to you. But really, can we please not do this shit?

Here’s some other news you should really focus in on. The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development called slaves “immigrants”. That’s fucking insane. The Department of Education equated historically black colleges and universities to “school choice”, because segregation-by-law is apparently the innovator of change. Scott Pruitt, the man in charge of an agency that has the words “environmental protection” in its name, doesn’t believe that carbon dioxide is the primary driver of climate change. He is going to ruin the world, the entire world that we live on, because he is stupid and likes money more than his own family.
Not that I entirely agree with all of it, but certainly more pushback on this so-called Maddow expose on Trump's tax returns.