Thursday, March 9, 2017

CAPITOL FAX: Gov. Bruce Rauner unclear on the concept he's no longer just a candidate. He can do something about administrative regulations. In Rich Miller's words: "if it’s time to do something, then let’s see the plan."

Here's a graphic Miller shares from Gov. Rauner:
In the meanwhile a Kennedy is hoping to be the Democratic nominee to face Rauner for Governor. Miller's thoughts:
As I’ve said many times before, Democrats should be pushing for remap reform. Right now, they’re counting on Gov. Rauner to lose in 2018. And if he wins and vetoes their map, they’re counting on winning the hat draw, which is a 50-50 proposition. Get the General Assembly out of drawing the maps or Rauner may draw the next one.

And no companies at the Mart were concerned with being sued? Or worried about the state’s high costs when their workers were injured? C’mon. I find that a little difficult to believe. And, even if it’s true, then maybe he should go talk to some Downstate manufacturers before the last one leaves Illinois. COGFA’s executive director Dan Long told me yesterday he believes one reason the state’s revenues are tanking so hard is due to the heavy loss of manufacturing jobs. The Merchandise Mart is important to Illinois, but it doesn’t reflect reality everywhere else.
Is 2018 proving to be an interesting election already? We shall see, we have another year anyway.