Wednesday, February 22, 2017

[VIDEO] IN 2015 I SHARED my own footage of the protests during Black Friday 2015. These protests emerged after dashcam footage of a police shooting of unarmed Laquan McDonald was released. The point was to keep shoppers from shopping at the many Michigan Avenue stores. Such activism had been on display during Black Friday 2016.

From Rebel Pundit, we're seeing what most of us didn't see especially from the media. A variety of people protested the McDonald shooting or any alleged cover-up. We're seeing that there are a lot of groups that have their own agendas and as could be alleged in the video I'm about to share who are these group really representing. Do they represent the Black community or do they represent some other agenda that isn't likely to benefit the Black community.

BTW, It's funny how they did a freeze from of the one man - showing a diversity of those doing the protesting on that day - who comes out and say there's no media at this event. Perhaps he's the organizer.