Thursday, February 23, 2017

BOTH OF THESE LINKS I will share with you are really old news, but very important to the Morehouse College community none the less.

To start I've learned the current President of Morehouse Dr. John S. Wilson will be stepping down from his position in June. The college Board of Trustees have opted not to renew his contract. So Morehouse will be looking for a new President to lead the college forward.

Also one of my former Professors Tobe Johnson who is a longtime faculty in the Political Science department is retiring. I found this article on this a few days ago and it's quite shocking. He's always said the only way he's leaving his job at Morehouse is if he's rolled out in a casket. In the meanwhile he's the current chairman of the college's Pol. Sci. department. A role he's held at least once before during his 60 years as a professor.