Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Federal prosecutors intend to ask a federal judge to sentence former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to a 15- to 20-year prison term.

Judge James Zagel is scheduled to sentence Blagojevich on his corruption conviction next week. The sentencing hearing begins on Tuesday.
Not a good end at all, but what can be said. Do the crime pay the time and at that don't do it publicly like he seemed to have done. Made all the wrong moves.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HUNTSMAN WON'T RULE OUT INDEPENDENT WHITE HOUSE BID. I know he's had some difficulty gaining traction because he's percieved as a "liberal". Just wonder if this revelation just makes it much harder for him!
GAME ON? ROMNEY CALLS GINGRICH "LIFELONG POLITICIAN". It wasn't that long ago that the former US House Speaker Newt Gingrich's Presidential bid was DOA. Now he back and incurred a shot from another top tier Presidentail contender.
HERMAN CAIN IS IN THE RACE TO WIN! He had been reportedly reconsidering the direction of his Presidential campaign:
Embattled presidential candidate Herman Cain stayed on message in a foreign policy address in Michigan Tuesday night, pledging to restore America’s place in the world by firming up the economy.

And following the speech, Cain spokesman J.D. Gordon said that Cain was not dropping out of the GOP presidential contest and was “in it to win it.”

Right before the speech Tuesday, Cain sent out an e-mail to supporters asking them to “Stand with me.” The missive sought to assure supporters that White was “troubled” and that her story was “completely false.”

“Let me assure you, I am not deterred,” Cain insisted, despite the fact that aides candidly said earlier that the campaign was reassessing its position in the GOP race.
POPULAR MECHANICS: HOW TO LINK AN OLD PRINTER TO A NEW COMPUTER. This is something that is vexing me currently but necessary as currently at home there are wireless laptops and a tablet. Via Instapundit!
IT'S MY MIND: INFIDELITY? I wrote my thoughts about the allegations against GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain last night. Unsure if any of these allegations are true, however, it wouldn't cause me to either gravitate or go against Cain. The Morehouse connection has little to do with this! :P

Monday, November 28, 2011

I THINK MOREHOUSE BROTHER HERMAN CAIN IS GOING DOWN UNFORTUNATELY! Another woman has come forward alleging a sexual relationship with Cain:
Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is speaking out against another allegation of sexual misconduct, this time before the woman has been able to make the claim publicly.

There will soon be "another accusation that I had an affair with someone, a woman," Cain said on CNN today.

Fox News' Atlanta affiliate, Fox 5, has been promoting an exclusive report about "new, local allegations against Herman Cain."

Cain said he expects a woman to accuse him of having a long-term affair with her. Cain told CNN's Wolf Blitzer he did know the woman for 13 years and considered her a friend, but emphatically denied any affair.
It appears that story has aired on the ATL FOX affiliate. Just saw clips of this interview on FOX's Special Report!
I CHOOSE TO GO OLD SCHOOL WITH THIS FORMAT!!! Just go minimalist almost like Blogger used to be 10 years ago. Also it seems that the new Blogger Dashboard doesn't make it very easy to go back to the pre-2010 Blogger layouts such as this! Not sure why!
Wall Street executives are bracing for the possibility that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) will take over as the senior Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee after Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) retires.

Waters is in line for Frank’s spot and could become chairwoman of the panel if Democrats retake the House. Frank announced Monday that he will not seek another term in the House.

The California liberal is considered left of Frank, an architect of 2010’s Wall Street reform bill, on financial issues.

While banks and other financial institutions often battled Frank, he was seen as someone they could work with. Wall Street views Waters as more of an opponent.

“She's not a good face of the issues,” one financial executive said. “She's too much of a bomb thrower.”
Via Newsalert!
Citing the political challenges he faced because of congressional redistricting, prominent Democratic Rep. Barney Frank on Monday announced he will not seek re-election in 2012.

"I don't want to be torn [between] a full-fledged campaign... and my obligation to my current constituents," Frank said from the Newton, Massachusetts City Hall.
[VIDEO] TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA: WIZARDS IN WINTER. Synchronized to a Christmas lights display. Saw this in a commercial years ago, I really liked the music and got a kick out of knowing who composed this!

NBC CHICAGO: HOW COOK COUNTY BECAME PART OF CHICAGO. Over at their Ward Room blog, talking essentially about how the northern border of Illinois was formed. Probably written in response to a downstate GOP legislator who wants to put out a referendum on forcing Cook County to secede from Illinois.

Friday, November 25, 2011

WANT A CHALLENGE? RUN FOR GOP WARD BOSS! Republicans are relatively rare birds in Chicago and changing that could start here. Although being a Republican in Chicago is a challenge in and of itself! Via Newsalert!
RUSH LIMBAUGH: WHAT IF THE FIRST LADY WAS INTRODUCED WITH SIR MIX A LOT'S "I LIKE BIG BUTTS!!! Juxtapose that with the music played for Michelle Bachman on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - "Lyin Ass B*tch". Conservative would see a big difference between how both were handled.
Conventional wisdom dictates that keeping transit fares as low as possible will promote high ridership levels. That isn't entirely incorrect. Holding all else constant, raising fares would have a negative impact on ridership. But allowing the market to set transit fares, when coupled with a number of key reforms could actually increase transit ridership, even if prices increase. In order to implement these reforms, we would need to purge from our minds the idea that public transit is a welfare service that ought to be virtually free in order to accommodate the poor. Concern about poverty should drive welfare policy, not transit policy. Persistent efforts to keep public transit fares as low as possible are a big part of the reason that public transit ridership in North America has hit record lows. To increase ridership, transit agencies have to convince people who can afford to drive that transit is a better option. Convenience, and not lower prices, is the key.
I could look at it this way, those with the ability to pay for it will use it whether or not they're rich or poor. I would point the finger at those who have jobs especially they should be able to pay their fares. And perhaps higher fares could result in a better level of service. You know I remember I complained about high fares a few times.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

LOOKING NORTH ON STATE STREET TOWARDS MACY'S. This building however will always be Marshall Fields and I don't care if it'll remain Macy's for the foreseeable future!

THE SHOT I REALLY WANTED TO TAKE EARLIER THIS WEEK! Except no L train running by on this track near State & Van Buren. But this would be the shot called "Entering the Loop"

THE LASALLE STREET ENTRANCE TO CITY HALL. I wish I could've checked out the Christmas tree inside however.

THESE LIGHTED WINDOWS WERE ON THE GOODMAN THEATER BUILDING ON RANDOLPH & DEARBORN. From a distance it almost traced the shape of a Christmas tree.

THERE NEEDS TO BE A BLOGGER APP FOR BLACKBERRY! That or I need to get another phone where I can use the Blogger App. The iPad just isn't good to carry around just for simple snap shots.

TOOK SOME SHOTS AROUND DOWNTOWN CHICAGO THIS EVENING! I took this shot at Daley Plaza tonight of a Christmas Tree. Heard that Mayor Emanuel had lighted the tree there last night. Decided to go take a snapshot with the iPad this evening.

[VIDEO] INCEPTION IS A GREAT FILM!!! Sometimes the best portion of a film is the soundtrack. This track is a great one and I hope you enjoy!
IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!!! The holiday season has begun Happy Thanksgiving! I'm feeling more festive than usual this year! :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

KANSAS CITY CLAIMS KYLE ORTON ON WAIVERS. The Bears were interested in picking him up and it seems as if he wanted to return to Chicago. It's not meant to be and he could have QB'd while Jay Culter had to deal with a thumb injury. The Bears signed Josh McCown instead for one year.
THIS IS ENGLEWOOD AT 61ST & HALSTED! Looking south toward what used to be a very busy commercial area centered at 63rd & Halsted. It was a bustling community back in the day but these days it's a very depressed community looking for a turnaround.

[VIDEO] MITT ROMNEY GETS HIS FIRST NAME WRONG AT CNN DEBATE. Marathon Pundit gets him good for that blooper! LOL!
THE RETURN OF DEBTORS PRISON. To illustrate this point this article has an example from Champaign, IL
In September, a 53 year-old woman named Vivian Joy was stopped for a broken tail-light in Champaign, Illinois. And then, because the cops discovered that she still hadn't paid $2,200 to a collection agency, she was cuffed and carted off to jail.
This article concludes that since companies don't go to jail when they default on debts then neither should people. Makes sense to me!

Via Instapundit!

[VIDEO] THE YOUNG MAN WHO THREW THE PUNCH IN THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN CHARGED. The young man turned himself in recently. This is what I tweeted about this story on November 16th
I wonder if that young man who knocked that homeless man on the L knows that his face has been shown on FOX news! Not fun and games anymore!
Of all places this young man's face from the video above was blasted in a screen shot on The O'Reilly Factor!

ANOTHER PIC I TOOK YESTERDAY OFF THE iPAD. At Monroe & State yesterday driving around the city. I would've entitled it "In the Loop" but since I was driving I wasn't able to take a pic that would've definitely had Loop within the title.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

But Frank Rich and his ilk have been unable to wrap their minds around that fact for nearly 50 years.
What fact?
The cold, hard fact of that day in Dallas is this: Whether Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman or by a conspiracy that included others, Dallas’ “climate” had nothing to do with it. Dallas was the scene of the crime but wasn’t responsible for it. Lee Harvey Oswald was not a mainstream Dallas man. He would not have been a Tea Partier. Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist. He had defected to the Soviet Union, become disillusioned, and returned. He had tried to travel to Cuba and failed. If hate was Oswald’s motive in Kennedy’s killing, the hate lived in the chest of a man who had failed at life, had rejected the freedoms of his country, and used bullets to write himself into the history books. Lee Harvey Oswald was an America-hating leftist.
I placed the last two sentences in bold. And ya know, I can't believe people could deny this fact. You don't have to be right-wing or left-wing to see this.
[VIDEO] AM WATCHING REPEATS OF CONAN IN NEW YORK CITY ON TBS. The "Masturbating Bear" was on the second night and quickly got back to old form. While Conan protested, he only helped the bear take off his pants. O_o

SO MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL NOW HAS A NEW COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT! Starting in 2012 spring training ML players will be tested for HGH also an expanded post-season no later than the 2013 season. That means extra wild card teams it should be interesting how they'll fit the expanded playoffs in.

I DECIDED TO DRIVE AROUND THE CITY TODAY...this was almost afternoon on the Dan Ryan Expressway and was sitting in heavy traffic. As you can see it was also wet today as well!
[VIDEO] ABOUT PROVIDING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION TO STUDENTS OF COLOR was posted to my other blog. I found it via Electronic Village who provided this quote:
The point was made that there are very few African Americans being funded for technology start-ups in Silicon Valley. It is obvious that creating a vanguard of technology CEOs begins with the education that we give to our young people.

I SNAPPED THIS PIC INSIDE OF UNION STATION in the huge waiting room last night with the iPad. Looks like some workers are putting the finishing touches on the Christmas tree.
I HAD TO READ THIS ARTICLE linked via Instapundit. An Alderman supports concealed carry but this Alderman isn't from Chicago. The Alderman in question is from Qunicy, IL
Quincy Alderman Mike Rein (R-5th Ward) has a non-binding resolution before the Quincy City Council tonight that asks the City to support a Concealed Carry handgun law.

“It’s unfortunate that this is necessary,” said Rein, who is an avid outdoorsman who teaches hunting safety classes. “The U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. But in Illinois, our state lawmakers have decided to violate the law of the land.”

Illinois is the only state that doesn’t allow Concealed Carry. Rein says he realizes this is only a first step.
I think a Chicago Alderman needs to make a statement like this but none seem willing to stick their neck out on this issue.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I WAS NEAR UNION STATION TONIGHT...and I had the iPad with me this is one of the shots I took (of the lighted Sears/Willis Tower). Not happy with the resolution of the photos but I know now that I can write posts on it and upload a picture. Conversely I can also shoot a photo and post that to the blog. As for typing it's time for a keyboard although that may negate writing posts on the go! Can't wait to use this function on a phone instead!
I'VE WRITTEN ABOUT THIS AT IT'S MY MIND...been thinking about a new phone I can only do so much with my current BlackBerry Bold so it's time to upgrade. I bought it originally to keep up with my work schedule on the go but there are other things I could do with a smartphone. I could blog on the go with a Blogger app (available for Apple devices and Android devices) and have more cameraphone accessories. One reason to consider at least the iPhone 4S but have a while to go to decide still!
FORMER SPANISH PRIME MINISTER AZNAR is talking to Bloomberg [VIDEO] about the economic situation in the European Union. This is a 13 1/2 minute interview!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

MISS ME YET...Steve Bridges As George W. Bush announces "Miss Me Tour" LOL

[VIDEO] via Instapundit

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Using the blogger app on the iPad not perfect but adequate. It's meant for the iPhone but hey sooner or later I may be able to use that device to do some blogging!