Sunday, October 31, 2010

Remember on Tuesday I plan to cover the day's news here at this blog. I may not wake up when polls open in Chicago and I won't stay up late to follow the results of those close races. However I'll get what I can when I wake up in the morning until bedtime. :)
WOODLAWN WONDER on unemployment and the mid-term elections!
BIG GOVERNMENT: Why Can’t Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground? You should check out the accompanying video when you get there. If all this is true what is it for permit issuing bureaucrats for having all these rules and regulations for entrepreneurs? Via Newsalert!
CAPITOL FAX: Republican Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica arrested for vandalizing opponent's campaign signs.
VIDEO: Obama Still Smokin': A Modern U.S. President. I need to establish what they based this parody/satire on!

Saturday, October 30, 2010 has an interview with Bill Mundell, executive producer for the film Gerrymandering. I shouldn't have to tell you what this documentary film is about. I really want to figure out how to post it at The Sixth Ward because this issue will affect minority communities. Many majority-minority districts were created because there was an interest to see "minorities represented in various levels of government.
Been carrying around my soft cover reporter Moleskin notebook for a while. Have yet to use the notes that I have written in them into blogs yet. Mainly for my notes from meetings at two of my former elementary and secondary schools. I'm so ready to break out my plain hard cover reporter Moleskin!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Earlier today I got a text message from an old friend I hadn't heard from in a while. He asked if I had voted already. My response was that I guarantee that I will vote on Tuesday! His response, "Right on Morehouse Man! :)"
GATEWAY PUNDIT: Dems Hate Black People… Kendrick Meek is 3rd Black Male Senate Candidate Dems Told to Step Down. He's the Democratic nominee for US Senate from Florida. Apparently our First "Black President" Bill Clinton was on him about stepping down.
CHICAGOIST: Friday afternoon diversion. I'm sorry I missed this. A man carving his jack-o-lantern with his pistol.
UNKNOWN CHICAGO: On this day in 1955 O'Hare is officially open for business! Did you know ORD is the code for O'Hare's original name, Orchard Field?
Usually leading into the election The Capitol Fax Blog would leave the comments open. Not so this time although Rich Miller promises to open them up when the post warrants it. He doesn't want comments on his blog to get out of hand when he's away. Alas we have those types of knuckleheads on the web.
THE AMERICAN PROSPECT: How Dems Lost Illinois. Let's see how true this will be. The Republicans aren't doing much better at least at the top of the ballot candidate wise. Almost four days away. Via Newsalert!

It's My Mind: Bill Whittle talks about natural law vs. political law. There is a distinction. Consider this your political philosophy lesson for today.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This was on the train on my way home tonight. Looks like Obama's supporters are gearing up for the 2010 election. We're almost five days away from the general election on Nov. 5th.

It's My Mind: A caller to Al Sharpton's radio show is "tired of being abused by democrats.” Via Gateway Pundit!
SUN-TIMES: CPS students discover language of Shakespeare
Maria Rivera is their energetic ESL teacher who never takes no for an answer. She inaugurated the ESL/Shakespeare program a year ago at Gage Park with full support from the school and mild trepidation on the part of her students.

"Teaching from a textbook was not so interesting to me," said Rivera, whose lifelong love of Shakespeare began as a teen. "So I quickly began looking for ways to adapt Shakespeare into my classes."
You should read the while thing. English as a 2nd Language students learning English thought Shakespeare. An interesting concept!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

EDIT: I had no idea there was video of Rev. Jackson's remarks! hat-tip Newsalert!

OH SNAP: Rev. Jesse Jackson condemns Williams firing from Politico via Instapundit!
“NPR was wrong because they did not afford him freedom of speech,” Jackson said. “They did it in a way that was unfair. The context was he was arguing with Bill O’Reilly, saying why he should not be so virulently anti-Muslim … It reminded me so much of the case with Shirley Sherrod. They jumped so quick.”
Back to Shirley Sherrod!

CBS News:
In early 2007, two Democratic contenders headed to Selma, Alabama, to commemorate the 1965 voting rights march.

At the time, Barack Obama trailed Hillary Clinton by double digits among black voters.

We know how things turned out, but today he still has the support of more than 90 percent of African-Americans - double his overall approval rating.
Haven't had a chance to watch this piece "American Voices: The African-American Vote" I'll have to find some time for that tomorrow. The previous piece which is merely a commentary by CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric more or less advertises the American Voices segment.
ELECTRONIC VILLAGE: Broke-A$$ Brotha Tip #2: Go Mobile Young Man!
I pay my local telephone company a monthly bill. Over the years I've let them convince me to BUNDLE a number of services. I have my Internet, cable and land-line phone service all bundled with Cincinnati Bell. It dawned on me that I *NEVER* (like in NOT EVER!) use my land-line phone. I use my cell-phone for all communication. I called Cincinnati Bell and found out that I could save $41 per month (or $492 per year) if I simply discontinued my land-line phone service. So I discontinued the service. 
This is really old news from earlier this month. Mary Mitchell wrote about the dismissal of local TV host Garrard McClendon. He was unable to gain another contract from TV outlet CLTV and his program was cancelled. Mitchell decries the lack of Black male voices in Chicago media as insulting.
Company Information - Moleskine ® English: More about the company that makes these nice notebooks.
OK my internet issue is over. Firefox wasn't helpful at all. I attempted to use Yahoo IM and to solve the connection problem suggested I use IE. IE solved that problem in no time. So now got a new network password and I'm good to go. TECHNOLOGY!!! GRRR!!!
Still having connection issues at home. It seems as if the process my ISP wants me to go through doesn't merely take a few minutes, but hours. Who knows when I'll be back online at home. Instead I'm sitting at the library for only short length of time. :P

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can't access internet at the moment so I have to text right now!
It's been a full week already. GO ELECTRIC MOLESKIN!!! :P

Monday, October 25, 2010

WATCHING American Restoration on History. If only I had something for that crew to restore and the money to do that with. I wonder if they do BBQ grills.

It's a spin-off of Pawn Stars!
NEWSALERT: A run down of the race for Illinois' 10th Congressional District. This is the seat Mark Kirk is giving up for his run for US Senate. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky seeks to be an influence in that race.
Meet "Antoine Dogson". LOL
ILLINOIS CHANNEL:  Has a program from Dixon, Illinois on preparations to celebrate Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday. Oh yeah if you didn't know Reagan was our 40th President.
In Connecticut it seems you can't even wear the shirt of your favorite WWF - errr WWE - superstar to the polls. Lame that!
TELEGRAPH: Nurse caught on CCTV turning off paralysed patient's life support machine

Disastrous results the patient is left with brain damage as a result of this nurse turning off the ventilator then not recognizing that all she had to do was turn the ventilator on. 21 minutes until the paramedics would turn the maching back on!

You can read Dr. Wolf's thoughts on this story. The doctor just so happens to be our President's 2nd cousin. :P
INSTAPUNDIT: So do Democrats think there's something wrong with being gay?

Also check this story out. Instapundit posted this yesterday.
Across the country, activists say gay voters are angry — at the lack of progress on issues from eliminating employment discrimination to uncertainty over serving in the military to the economy — and some are choosing to sit out this election or look for other candidates.
A CHICAGO SOJOURN: The (adorable) Skokie Swift. A photo essay of Chicago Transit Authority's Yellow Line. Via CTA Tattler.
AMERICAN RATTLESNAKE: A brief compilation of some of the more important news stories involving the great immigration debate.
ALTHOUSE: Early voting *depresses* voter turnout.

No one can beat the convenience I'll bet.
America's Election HQ: "Man up," America: Top 10 Election Catch Phrases Could Be Here to Stay
CAPITOL FAX: Hendon called Brady “idiotic, racist, sexist, homophobic” while Quinn stood by
While still unsure who will be elected Governor next week, this isn't exactly something that the incumbents wants to see in papers before the election. Right?
LEE BEY: Buy an historic home for $1.00. Done by preservationists to save this house from possible demolition:
The 1870s home, 3223 S. Indiana, is owned by the neighboring Illinois College of Optometry which seeks to demolish the house for expansion. But the demo request is subject to an automatic 90-day delay because the 130-year-old cottage is a highly-rated “orange” building in the city’s Chicago Historical Resources Survey. The orange rating–second to a “red” rating–means the house possesses “some architectural feature or historical association that made [it] potentially significant in the context of the surrounding community,” according to the survey. There are 9,600 orange-rated buildings in the survey. The hold essentially buys the city time to seek alternatives to demolition.
Who want's a $1 home? Can't say it didn't cost too much to buy and you have more money to fix it up!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I missed homecoming, but even on FOX News Channel did I get to see my alma mater's current President Robert Franklin. Strangely enough he was on Glenn Beck's program last month. I can only imagine how many of the students took it. Ironically I wonder how much money Morehouse got for Dr. Franklin's appearance. I mean hey you never know where you may get donations, yes?
OK I'm still tweaking the sharing tools. Got to figure out how to get AddThis together with the Twitter and Facebook sharing tools. Nothing is working to my satisfaction therefore I need a high learning code for coding. At least for know you can use Facebook and Twitter to share the blog or any posts.

AddThis may return later!
I just posted a widget from AddThis at the very bottom of the blog. Feel free to use it liberally with Twitter or Facebook or any other sharing site. If you want to share a post as opposed to the blog itself then just click on the permalinks then click on the AddThis widget at the bottom. Thanks.
BIG HOLLYWOOD: How Minimum Wage Laws Helped Ruin The Moviegoing Experience
These days we all go through life with our humanity and civilization diminished because of these laws. Look around, and you’ll see old people struggling to pump their gas or carry their luggage. You’ll see Mom and Dad ready to pop a blood vessel as they frantically navigate through computerized telephone menus looking for a real live human being who can help them. Simultaneously, you’ll see an ever-growing army of unskilled people — mostly teenagers looking to break into the job market — denied the opportunity to work because liberals have made it functionally illegal to employ them.
They pretty much damned unskilled minimum wage workers, but by making the point that minimum wage and employment laws have only served to diminished the labor market. Minimum wage only makes workers more expensive and employers are loathe to hire. Via Newsalert!
Unknown Chicago: Marxism on the Grand Boulevard

It's not what you think. There is no mention of Marxism, socialism, or communism in this piece. There is mention about the emergence of the Marx Brothers as an act in the early 20th century and their life as residents of the city of Chicago. In fact they once lived in a neighborhood we now know as Bronzeville.

At left a picture of Groucho Marx.
Stimulus funds hasn't helped the city of Gary, Indiana.
One of the most jarring figures Mason notes in his report is the number of jobs created from the $266 million the city received in federal stimulus money: 327. At over $800,000 per job created, Mason lists this as one of many reasons the stimulus hasn't really helped Gary. There are some successes, such as the school system. Mason also points out that the stimulus money, controlled by the Republican state government, is slow in coming to 84 percent African-American, Democratic leaning Gary.
Chicagoist springboards off of a BBC piece.
Beware of these posts on your Facebook walls where you have to committ yourself to voting in November. It could be a "questionable political move". Especially if you're concerned about how your personal information is transmitted on social networking sites!
Chicago Tribune: Hollywood's little secret: movie purgatory
In a larger sense, experts say, the trend speaks to the financial house of cards that is the feature film these days. Although they seem to arrive by the bundle at the multiplex every weekend, studio-produced movies now take more time and money to make and market than ever before — and then go before an ever-smaller and more fickle theater-going audience. In the old days of movie distribution — say, the early 2000s — many orphaned movies might have been granted a pass out of purgatory with a direct-to- DVD release. But the cratering of the home video market makes that less economically attractive. A direct-to-DVD release also risks offending the sensitivities of stars and other creative people the studios want to work with again in the future.
Hat-tip Newsalert!
Instapundit on the issues of higher education. Glenn Reynolds is himself a law professor so he certainly does have his ideas such as:
The real problem is that higher education isn’t providing enough of a benefit to its graduates, not that universities aren’t extracting enough money from the students. But read the whole thing. Including this: “And, of course, while professors are expensive, they’re not the main expense. Administrators outnumber faculty at most universities these days. But I suspect that won’t get the scrutiny it deserves.” Speaking of cost centers. Much more on administrative bloat, here.

VIDEO: Ridley Report - "Ronald Reagan attacks ObamaCare 40 years early". Even New Hampshire "Free Staters" are quoting our 40th President, Ronald Reagan. Free Staters are generally Libertarian and I never saw Reagan as Libertarian. Perhaps his words speak true for even them.
FiveThirtyEight on five governor's races. California may be good race to watch. Will former Governor Jerry Brown beat Meg Whitman his Republican opponent in his race to regain California's governorship?
Fetus found in La Grange Park, IL church. Oh for Pete's sake! What happened here!?!?!

Chicago Tea Party ad via Bill Baar who states: "If ever a place needed the Tea Party, it's Chicago."

If only we could have this in time for the municipal elections next year. Liberty minded individuals needed on Chicago City Council!
The Daily Beast: 15 Signs You'll Be Rich. You know I think I need to get started on some of these if I want to rise about my current income bracket! Via Newsalert!
Publius Forum: Ponders whether or not NPR or PBS should continue to receive federal funding. It's been a debate ever since Juan Williams got fired from NPR for making his comments about Muslims. Not sure what to think about this issue however.
Slate: This Is Not a Blog Post
The design shifts—with blogs looking more like magazines, and magazines looking more like blogs—aren't just superficial. These changes in presentation are collapsing all distinctions between "blog posts" and "articles." Over the last few days I contacted various bloggers and editors at big sites around the Web to ask how they define each term. The answers I got were surprisingly diverse—while each of these organizations has its own rules for what it calls a "blog post" and an "article," the rules aren't at all consistent across newsrooms. What's more, the lines are blurring—blog posts are looking more like articles, and articles are looking more like blog posts.
Via Instapundit!
My Urban Report: The Pulse Network – social TV in the making:
The Pulse Network launched on June 14, 2010 and is one of the newest players in the online video space. It has the endorsement of people like social media guru Chris Brogan, and video blog champion Steve Garfield who host shows on the network.
Wow, I must find out more!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

If you're a Republican in Chicago, there is an organization - Two Party System Inc. - that will raise some funds for you. And get this they will help independents who either caucus with Democrats or otherwise making an independent bid for a county office.
Star Trek: Deep Space 9's Alexander Siddig in his Star Trek Muslim garb. :P Via BoingBoing!

And there's more from where that comes from. So you won't just see Dr. Julian Bashir there either.
You know I should've posted this when it was fresh. This post from Time magazine's Detroit blog talks about the tenure of their school districts emergency financial manager. According to them he's been a dismal flop!
That image of a rejection slip from Essanay Studios, well it's gone national! How does a rejection letter from a movie studio look these days?
Chicago News Coop: Chicago Alderman unfazed by challenge from a local rap artist
“You have an intelligent voting public, and if they want to replace an educated public administrator with a rapper who refers to women as hos and bitches in his videos, who uses his performances to promote the use of weapons and gang activity, then the voting public has changed a lot,” [20th Ward Ald. Willie] Cochran said. “I don’t see him as being a real threat at all.”
Now that is what I call a hit right there! Never heard Rhymefest in action, but I would hope that he wouldn't run for office if he actually had uttered those lyrics.
Unknown Chicago: The debates about the economy was going on 80 years ago in Chicago as well. Are businessmen & women saying similar things that they were saying in 1930 at the start of the Great Depression?
I couldn't make it to the Spelhouse homecoming this year (err Spelman College & Morehouse College). I really wanted to, but at least I can check out these Twitter updates with the hashtags #spelhousehc or #SpelHouseHC2010. Next year I will promise that my return will happen, but then it was said last year when I know that I couldn't make it. Either way planning will start now at least on my end!
Marathon Pundit: The final report on Broadway Bank's failure won't be released until after the election. IL State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias' family once owned that bank and he's currently running for US Senate. Well taking his mentor's, our President, US Senate seat. You know it's almost ironic since he accused his Republican opponent, Mark Kirk, of economic treason (hat-tip Newsalert).

I posted this mailer that I scanned over at Mechanics today (click pic for larger resolution). Scott Lee Cohen is running as an independent for Governor of Illinois. He was the Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor but personal revelation forced his resignation from the ticket almost a week after the February primary elections.

Anyway, yesterday at the Capitol Fax, it was learned that there were reports by two Black ministers that he was offering cash money for their support. So that makes this mailer ironic since it shows one hand offering another man cash.

There was a follow-up by Rich Miller today as a staffer called one of the ministers who is making the allegation an "extortionist".

This man is something else!

ALSO: Via CapFax, Rev. Gregory Lee one of the ministers mentioned above although not by name plans to file a formal complaint against Cohen according to our local NBC affiliate.
Do you want to see an old rejection slip from the old Essanay Studios that was once located in Chicago. Via Gaper's Block.
I wish that I could afford a trip to outerspace, but it might be out of reach for a while. Perhaps one day they'll train an everyday guy like me to pilot a spaceship. Hopefully a space hotel as well.

For now I just have to settle for knowing about a new runway at a "space harbor" in New Mexico. Via Instapundit!
FOX News: Michigan Woman Faces Civil Rights Complaint for Seeking a Christian Roommate
The ad "expresses an illegal preference for a Christian roommate, thus excluding people of other faiths,” according to the complaint filed by the Fair Housing Center of West Michigan.

"It's a violation to make, print or publish a discriminatory statement," Executive Director Nancy Haynes told Fox News. "There are no exemptions to that."
Woah now! She can't even express a preference to who she wants to room with. She's got to include all faiths. It shouldn't be anyone else's business but herself.

Via Newsalert!
A picture you will find at Wolf Files. The blogger, Dr. Milton Wolf is the right-wing 2nd cousin of our Democratic President Barack Obama. He made note that he caught himself in the reflection.
Exchequer: The State Pension Implosion: A Chronology. In a time of budget deficits and declining revenue for governments around the nation this really is an issue that needs a resolution. Too bad public employee unions largely wants to maintain the status quo on their pensions. This was one reason why Illinois voted down having a Constitution Convention in 2008, and it was a mistake to think that way then. Via Instapundit!
Not sure who's reading this blog, but unfortunately the picture will offer you harsh language especially if it offends you. Anyway, this picture was taken off of 87th Street in Chicago. Pirie School is a local elementary school. This unfortunate graffiti just seems very dumb to attack an elementary school. This is worthy of a cross post to one of my other blogs. :)

Don't understand that dreaded health reform legislation that is close to 2500 pages? Watch this video if you refuse to read it via Kaiser Family Foundation.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich's 2nd trial was pushed back to April 20, 2011. Well after the Chicago municipal election.
It's My Mind: Check out this radio out from Illinois' Republican nominee for Governor. This ad is targeting black radio listeners hoping for some black votes. There's some nice soulful sounds in this ad. I just wonder if it'll work.
The Sixth Ward: That was where I took that mobile pic of my notebook last night as I was taking notes at a Parent Advisory Council and the Local School Council meetings. More posts to come on what I have written down. Very good night and more than makes up for the disappointment that I won't be able to visit the Morehouse Homecoming this weekend. :(
Capitol Fax: Rich Miller writes his Chicago Sun-Times column. He can't make up his mind between flawed candidates for Governor and US Senate. The candidates are that bad this year!
I hope I'm home for Election Day on November 2nd. I want to follow it blow by blow! I promise to do it here as well!

Gov. Phil Bredesen (D - Tennessee) was on Greta Van Susteren's On the Record last night to discuss the politics of health care reform!
Could this be Isaac Hayes' year? He was endorsed by the Chicago Sun-Times owned Southtown Star according to Chicago News Bench. Hayes is the Republican nominee against incumbent Democratic Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr (2nd District Illinois), who just so happen to have his own issues. Especially revelations of a relationship with a personal acquaintance and perceived dealings with the disgraced Rod Blagojevich!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spike Jones - Knock Knock enjoy. This is a very silly song. I think you will enjoy it very much. LOL
Was looking at Blogger Buster for making adjustments to the display, well borders, of images on this template I just Googled and found this tutorial instead. Made the necessary adjustments and I'm very satisfied!
Would it be too much if I tweaked the template to change the color according to time of day?
John Stossel: Public-Sector Unions Choke Taxpayers. We should know what he says by now:
But governments are monopolies. They face no competition and get their money by force. So they can conspire with public-sector unions to milk taxpayers. That explains the fix we're in today.
FuturePundit: Social Media To Produce More Entrepreneurs? Hat-tip Instapundit! I think that this might be a good premise actually. :)
Just saved the codes for both Live-Journal White and Live-Journal Black. You can check out this page here, but I wonder if it's just easier to host pics from the archive page here. Don't know, but you can always find them at the previous link. At some point I need to figure out how to save the HTML codes.
BTW, I used Google Chrome to upload the previous pic off of my phone. It works unlike in Firefox. Hmmm I want to import some blog posts here so I'm going to make it happen. In Chrome, this might be the new place to upload onto websites from this point forward. Make it so!
My Moleskin notebook even gets the emote treatment. I was at Harlan High School today where I was an alum. Got a lot of information that I will share with you. Got more notes than I did at Bennett-Shedd's LSC meeting. It's all coming soon!
It's My Mind: Posted this video interview of NAACP CEO Ben Jealous who was really stumbling in face of a serious grilling by CNN's Anderson Cooper with regards to Tea Party "racism". Seems very telling. Via Newsalert!
John G. Shedd Public School: Observations before visiting that Bennett-Shedd LSC meeting. Well might as well link it here since I posted about it. :P
Shaun King, an Atlanta-area minister and Morehouse alum, talks about his health. He's a relatively young fellow who was concerned that he had a heart attack. Thankfully it wasn't, but it surely was very scary!
USS Constitution celebrates it's 213th anniversary. It's the world's oldest commissioned warship. This video of the Constitution firing it's guns was posted on YouTube four years ago.

Hehehe, get a load of this comment at the YouTube page: "There are some douchebag condo owners that want them to stop shooting the guns because it rattles their wine glasses. Probably from New York."
WOW! That last post was exactly 10 hours after the previous post. Pretty cool if you ask me! :P
Juan Williams was fired by NPR. Bernie Goldberg connects this with the death of American liberalism. Via Instapundit!
This is becoming a bit of a regular occurrence me writing a blog post after midnight then calling it a night not long afterward.
epic fail photos - Surfing FAIL

LOL! Surfing Fail courtesy of Fail Blog. Hat-tip Wolf Files!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Instapundit says that this video has gone viral amongst law students. Virtual reality and robotic voices make this scene very absurd.
DANG!!! Jimmy McMillan of "The Rent Is Too Damn High Party" is living in his apartment rent free. That hurts!
Forgot to note that my Moleskin reporter notebook got plenty of notes inside from that LSC meeting as well. :)
Just left the Local School Council meeting at Bennett School. My old teacher, who's now the principal there now, remembers me after all these years. I don't even remember the last time I saw here had to remind her my dad had since passed on. Either way, the school is moving on and it seems that I may have a volunteer opportunity lined up already.
You know I can actually read the blog on this phone right now. The template is perfect however some adjustment needs to be made. At least for access to video content!
Wow, kids these days. They call 911 when you take away their video games and when you make them food they don't like. A spanking might be taken more seriously though.
Jimmy McMillan running for Governor of New York on the the ticket of The Rent Is Too Damn High Party. You can't watch this video of what he said at a recent NY Gubernatorial debate and say that it's not amusing. :P
Thank goodness perhaps the impasse is over for now at least! Still on the laptop. Made a mistake in uninstalling Firefox, but I'm re-downloading it now. Hopefully the changes I made in setting it will alleviate the problem.
Hmmm gotta figure out why my PC is crapping out. At least I have a more reliable laptop that I break out in situations like this. Trying to figure out why the browsers can't load up pages I frequent. Just uploaded Google Chrome and I'm still having issues. It sucks!

And yes I am connected to the internet, but that's about all can't go anywhere. GRRR!
I'm planning to attend an LSC meeting today. Decided to not leave Chicago today for Morehouse homecoming. Let's see what's going on at good old Bennett-Shedd schools.

Are you in the mood for Monty Python? Well how about the hilarious Mouse Organ sketch. LOL

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Had to start over though I'm sure hardly anyone other than me so far had noticed. Wanted to tweak this site so that it can be connected to social networking site. It seems that it will be a work in progress.
Woodlawn Wonder talks about the Rosenwald apartment complex. This complex - not considered a local landmark, however listed on the National Register of Historic Places - is located at 47th & Michigan in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood and has gone through significant disrepair over the years. In fact a YouTube video that was considered a great amateurly created campaign ad from 2007 featured this building close to the end.

From this same YouTuber, you can also watch his drive along 47th Street from close to four years ago as well.
In case you haven't noticed now I'm able to text posts here and upload mobile phone pics here as well. Things are looking up!

Also this is the first scheduled post here as well. :)
Alright! Just made some adjustments that allowed me to create an admin panel for this blog. I don't have to click on that link for Blogger at the bottom just to post or to continue to tweak the template. That admin panel is necessary because this template doesn't allow for that Blogger toolbar you may see on other Blogger blogs. Do you want an admin panel on your blog?
This smokestack is sitting in the middle of this parking lot near North Avenue. It seems they might have torn down a factory or warehouse and left this stack intact and built a couple of retail spaces in betweenm
Starting to like posting here, if I had known about blogging close to 10 years ago I would imagine the way I'm doing it now is how it was done then. This template is obsolete, but whatever I still like it. Of course you will still see things here that you wouldn't have seen 10 years ago.
Bought another Moleskine today. Now I have five notebooks. Two small, two reporters with one being lined soft-covered and the other plain hard-cover, and I also have an plain notebook. The question is what exactly am I going to do with all of them. I have an idea, but it's not still in stone. For now I'm done with buying them.
Blogger really should consider creating an app that allows me to read a blog in addition to writing a post on a cell phone.
Decided to take some posts from another inactive blog and upload them here. Seems to take a while however, hopefully the wait will be over in the morning. Perhaps it's so slow because I'm on DSL.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Continuing to make tweaks to this place. It's a lot of fun really! Just realized that I could simply just remove my ability to make post titles.
Utilizing this blog I'm using this old template called Live Journal that could be found @ Blogger Templates. Alas I have to rely on to be able to access this template. Somehow I need to save the code for this template because I think it's relatively easy to learn.
Why did I call this place The Online Moleskine? Recently I bought some of those notebooks. A reporter notebook and the other a plain notebook. The idea is for the recording of thought mainly in addition to the other blogging I already do.

Here I just want to find ways to be creative and just break the rules that I have established at my other blogs. This time I want to dispense with the blog titles. Expect other posts to be recycled and reformatted here however.
Testing 123! Mobile test
This is merely a public experiment. This place might either just be inactive or disappear time will only tell. If it does stay active, I ought to just treat this as similar to twitter.