Monday, July 24, 2017

ANOTHER POST FROM MY BLOG It's My Mind about OJ Simpson's recent successful bid for parole. I gave a basic personal history about my observations of the OJ murder trial and some his actions since his acquittal in 1995. You can also watch a video of the parole hearing there also.
WROTE ABOUT THE NEW FILM Dunkirk last night. I recommend this film to everyone, especially those of you who are World War II buffs. Great story broken up into three parts, wonderfully shot, and even better if you know your history you know how this ends. Christopher Nolan does it again!

BTW, check out this article 'Dunkirk' and the Great Films That Won't Be Made which illustrates the state of Hollywood in the 21st century. Why aren't there more quality films like this one?

Here's a trailer you might have seen a gazillion times! [VIDEO]
JUST TO LIGHTEN THE mood this morning. A video of two dogs twerking. It may be lame, but I like dogs and this entertained me! :P
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Sunday, July 23, 2017

AS INSTAPUNDIT LIKES TO SAY WITH stories such as this, teach women not to rape!

Chicago's Hottest Blog: The Sexualization of Black Boys
The sad reality is sex isn't taught to be valued among Black boys. I've asked just about all my male friends, frat brothers and even men on social media if they were ever told their bodies was special? They all said NO! No one ever told them as little boys or as adolescents that their body was special.

In fact as I shared my story on Facebook, I began to receive inbox messages from men thanking me for sharing my story. Men started sharing their stories with me. They shared how they were molested. They shared how being molested caused them to view sex as purely an act of lust and not love.

This is one of the reasons why so many men cheat. This is one of the reasons why a man will say to his wife of whom he's cheating on "Baby I love you, I just fu-k those other chicks! I don't love any of them!"

It's because he hasn't dealt with the sexual abuse and inappropriate exposure thereof as a child. In fact, many men see this as a weakness, when in all actual reality the real weakness is not mentally dealing with the past. 
EDIT: With my initial statement being made it could be taken out of context, but the further I read that post it really isn't. Young boys may very well believe that being with an older woman - who may be a babysitter or a bit more commonly their teacher - is living a dream. More likely it can become more of a nightmare than they realize especially as they get older.
SAW DUNKIRK ON SATURDAY. Excellent film with as much drama as possible in three segments of this story. Civilian boats used to evacuate British Army from France, the infantrymen who are trying to escape after being surrounded by Nazi forces, and of course air combat pilots having to fight off Nazi planes. There is more to write about it and hope to do so soon!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

ARGUMENT: The same media that wanted OJ Simpson to be convicted of murder 20 years ago also didn't want Trump in the White House. 1995 was all just a preview to 2016 and it resulted in a Trump presidency! Although many still think OJ did it!

Friday, July 21, 2017

OLD NEWS AT THIS POINT, no more Sean Spicer as White House press secretary. Today's big news! [VIDEO]
And Spicer himself spoke on FOX News with Sean Hannity. Just a little flavor [VIDEO]
LOOKING AT THIS K-12 implosion update at Instapundit, I used to think it wasn't incumbent upon anyone to overthink the parents. Perhaps this is a case where school authorities should. What do you we do about parents - especially those private school parents - who want their child to get a grade they really didn't deserve?

BTW, consider this grade inflation doesn't help the low-income or disadvantaged student it helps the more affluent student. No talk about how the SAT disadvantages low-income matters with regards to grade inflation!
SOMETIMES I HAVE HEAD for the gory details of a case like this, but good lord...Why would you force your teenaged granddaughter to do this? She's likely to want to have sex with someone her own age never mind an elderly man. This is really a sick thing to do!

And I did get the gory details, the granddaughter is 13 and the details involve her being held down forcefully, it begins to look like an awful sexual assault......SICK!

h/t Newsalert
IN LIGHT OF ILLINOIS passing in income tax hike with a budget to end the two year stalemate, here are a list of states that charge no income taxes. Perhaps places you should go if you believe all your income should go to your bank accounts. BTW, wouldn't it be nice if the federal government could eventually eliminate income taxes?

Also, as if this is more encouragement for people to leave Illinois as it continues to be reported that this state is bleeding people.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

STATES WHERE WELFARE RECIPIENTS are paid more than minimum wage
MORE CONCERNED ABOUT RACISM than common sense solutions...
The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is entangled in a new controversy only a week after the public lashed out at officials for refusing to release video footage of crimes over fears the videos would incite racism.

Recent reports indicate that BART has seen double the amount of rapes in the first six months of 2017 than all of 2016.
It's a shame, almost as if officials at BART aren't concerned about the safety of the general public. There are people out there committing sexual assault and they choose to concern themselves with political correctness. Tone deaf I tell you!
h/t Instapundit
I HEARD SEN. JOHN MCCAIN was out of action for health issues and it turns out to be much worse than a blood clot near his eye. Brain tumor yikes!!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

WE SEE THE CRAZY at Evergreen State College. A student letting the board of trustees for the university know that when she goes to campus events she's not allowed to speak because she's white. She sees that the university is so obsessed with race they're actually becoming more racist.

As this segment closes we learn that the situation at Evergreen are caused by those people who have never been challenged intellectually. They've only lived in their bubble and lose it when someone dare challenges their worldview. Also this idea that speech is violence, which unfortunately gives people the right to use violence to suppress speech they don't like. [VIDEO]