Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I KNOW THIS ISN'T topical but this certainly is genious. Adult Swim's Eric Andrea near last years Democratic Convention. To see those Democrats freak out at this man. [VIDEO]

CHICAGO ARGUS: Chicago’s self-segregation hurts city’s chances of gaining future success?

CHICAGO ARGUS: Chicago’s self-segregation hurts city’s chances of gaining future success?
A status that the study says “we need more deliberate interventions to accelerate our progress.” Although I don’t doubt that some knuckleheads amongst us would perceive those “interventions” as somehow being unnatural and against Chicago’s very character.
While Donald Trump may only have received 12.41 percent of the city’s vote, consider that some of the most intense white enclaves had precincts that gave him nearly 70 percent of the vote, compared to overwhelmingly black neighborhoods where he was lucky to get just over 1 percent.

Maybe it means the Trump mindset has established its niche in Chicago, and any effort to “desegregate” is going to be a long, drawn-out process that I likely won’t live long enough to see complete.
I shared an article regarding this study over at The Sixth Ward.

CALIFORNIA'S HOUSING MARKET is a disaster for millenials:
California is one of the most unequal states in the country, and its housing market is similarly bifurcated, offering both multimillion dollar houses and rent-controlled apartments, but less and less of a foothold for people in the middle. This is a key reason so many working class families have left the Golden State in the past 25 years.

Homeownership is the backbone of American prosperity, forcing families to accumulate wealth and feel they have a stake in the system. California’s low ranking for young home buyers is not an encouraging sign for a state once thought to be a model for America’s future.
And again, anyone doing any California dreaming should forget about it.
WHAT IS GOING ON AT MOREHOUSE? When college boards of trustees won’t let presidents do their jobs
Last week, the faculty at Morehouse College handed down a vote of no confidence in the chair of the Board of Trustees of the college. They think that the board chair Robert Davidson has too much control, is ignoring key voices, and is meddling in the day-to-day activities of the institution in a way that by-passes the role of President John Wilson. 
After following what is happening at Morehouse College for the past three years, I am led to believe that board chair Davidson and several other members of the board do not fully understand their role, or have decided to overstep it.
Here's a shot I took on campus the last time I had visited Atlanta which was back in 2015

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

FIVETHIRTYEIGHT: Trump’s presidency could unfold in a lot of ways. The successful outcomes may require him to change course.
SPEAKING OF GOLD: This chart says that it's time to start selling gold
WHAT'S THE SAYING: Gold is a hedge against inflation... The people of the UK hoard gold as government prepares to withdraw from European Union.
VERY COOL footage from a chartered flight that gives passengers a spectacular look at Southern Lights.

Monday, March 27, 2017

SWEDEN'S "FEMINIST" LEADER says foreign rapists should NOT be deported.
This weekend the Feminist Initiative (FI) held its annual congress in Västerås. Hopes are high of getting into parliament next year, where the party would, among other things, push for absolutely free immigration. During the congress, Victoria Kawesa from Uganda was elected to Sweden's first black party leader. Now she questions why foreign criminals are deported from Sweden, when "white Swedes" are not.
What's not clear is whether or not she's referring to white Swedish citizens or any white who immigrated to Sweden regardless this boggles the mind.

Related: Women in Sweden living in fear of both immigrants and radical feminists

h/t Newsalert
SECOND CITY COP: Chicago police union chief to meet with President Trump, Attorney General Sessions. They say the Mayor won't like this especially this union head is barely hanging on to his job as he's actually in a runoff to lead his union.
ROSS DOUTHAT: Break up the liberal city
We should treat liberal cities the way liberals treat corporate monopolies — not as growth-enhancing assets, but as trusts that concentrate wealth and power and conspire against the public good. And instead of trying to make them a little more egalitarian with looser zoning rules and more affordable housing, we should make like Teddy Roosevelt and try to break them up. 
Something worth exploring over at The Sixth Ward

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CURBEDSF: Here’s why people plan on leaving San Francisco.
THE RAIDERS ARE leaving Oakland, again. Making that move to Las Vegas.

The Rams have returned to Los Angeles so perhaps the Cardinals can return to Chicago or the Titans can returns to Houston.
CAPITOL FAX: Where are the women candidates?

In spite of women making noise with Donald Trump as President and his past statements regarding women, a woman hasn't stepped up to the plate to run for Governor of Illinois. Perhaps the expectations were that women would step up to many different political positions.
THE GRIO: FOX News fires exec who made racist comments to black employees
In one instance Slater asked a black employee if all three of her children had the same father.

In yet another incident, she called a black woman “sista” and complained openly about the way they pronounced words. At one point, she even wrote down words like, “sister”, “mother”, and “father” and asked the African-American employees to say these words out loud.

One yet another occasion, when saying goodnight to her black co-workers, Slater raised her hands in a “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture.

Once the behavior was made known to Kevin Lord, who is the executive vice president of human resources at Fox, Slater was investigated.
Let me see if anyone else said anything about FOX News executive Judy Slater and it turns out Daily Mail did a story on this also. This is inexcusable behavior by a FOX News executive. Hopefully this isn't the norm.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

THE ECONOMIST: In 2001 Venezuela was the richest country in South America; it is now among the poorest

COMING SOON IN NOVEMBER, Justice League live action with many of your favorite superheroes from DC Comics. Especially Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and of course Batman. [VIDEO]

In the meanwhile Wonder Woman is releasing this summer.
AS SEEN ON INSTAPUNDIT, if you're living the life you want to live then it's not mediocre.
CATS PHOTOGRAPHED TAKING dog beds while the canines are figuring out what to do next. So funny!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The "Nasty" X (chi) CHAPTER ΦßΣ (Phi Beta Sigma) Morehouse College. This was a cool video those young men did. An image of young Black men in college that needs to be shared.

SEN. KAMALA HARRIS won't vote to confirm Gorsuch because he rules with law not feelings.

And then we find out later that California's aren't sure about her. However they voted to elect her last year.
h/t Instapundit & Newsalert
MEGAN MCARDLE: If it’s easy to reach lawmakers, they’ll ignore you.

In other words don't think tweeting, facebooking or e-mailing your representatives will get results. Write a letter, send a fax, or as Glenn Reynolds comments showing up in person is certain to get results.

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