Friday, November 16, 2018

#CHGOMAYOR2019 BILL DALEY WAS FORMER A WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF TO PRESIDENT OBAMA AND A FORMER FEDERAL SECRETARY OF COMMERCE. He's running for mayor of Chicago which is an office his father Richard J and his brother Richard M both held for decades. Now he's in the news for proposing a new cabinet level post to fight crime.
A new deputy mayor for violence prevention who reports to the mayor is needed in order to put Chicago’s crime epidemic on the front burner, Daley said. “I want a deputy mayor every day in my face talking about what’s getting done to address this,” he said.

The Mayor’s Office of Violence Prevention and Reduction would coordinate with outside groups that are working with at-risk youths to steer them away from crime. The office would come with a $50 million budget, which he said could come from existing public safety funds. “Look, the Police Department budget is $1.6 billion,” Daley said. “Believe me, there’s a lot of money floating around in that budget.”
Of course he wasn't the only one who proposed another cabinet level post for public safety or anti-violence. You'd just have to read the article to see who else proposed something similar.

Is Bro. Daley seeking to create a police commissioner in Chicago. Similar to what is available in NYC?

I have to throw in Fioretti's twitter response to this article though.
#CHGOMAYOR2019 ROBERT FIORETTI FORMER ALDERMAN OF THE 2ND WARD joins crowded race for Mayor of Chicago. According to the Sun-Times he's referred to as a perennial candidate.
Four years after finishing fourth out of five mayoral candidates, former Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd) on Friday jumped into the way more crowded race to replace Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Fioretti updated the Friends of Bob Fioretti campaign committee he used to challenge County Board President Toni Preckwinkle in the Democratic primary and turned it into a mayoral campaign committee.

Contacted late Friday, Fioretti said he’s been “looking at” running for mayor again for months and finally decided to take the plunge.

“All I’m hearing is the same old, same old. Same people. Same establishment candidates with the same approach to the same problems. We need solutions we can deal with here,” he said.
Also noted he ran against Toni Preckwinkle for Cook County Board President in the March 2018 Democrat primaries. Needless to say he lost that primary and now could have a rematch against Preckwinkle in the race for Mayor.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

#CHGOMAYOR2019 IL ELECTION DATA HAS A COMPREHENSIVE LIST FOR ALL RACES IN CHICAGO NEXT YEAR. From mayor to the individual alderman races. Of course those candidates you see on that listing will changes as some candidates withdraw or are kicked off the ballot or they enter the race before the November 26, 2018 deadline.
GREG HINZ: Preckwinkle policy speech raises questions about her mayoral goals #CHGOMayor2019

Some bonifides for Toni Preckwinkle. Since 2010 she is the current President of the Cook County Board. Before that she was the Alderman of Chicago's 4th Ward. Now what does Hinz say about her:
From prioritizing job growth “in neighborhoods with affordable housing but few jobs” to “applying a public health approach to combating violent crimes,” Preckwinkle laid out an agenda that would have some big differences from that adopted by retiring Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

A lot of key details are yet to be filled in the plan, which Preckwinkle says was developed with input from thousands of county staffers, votes and outside civic groups. That makes upcoming mayoral debates and forums particularly worth watching.

In the roadmap and a speech to the City Club of Chicago, Preckwinkle described the plan as “a deliberative step to show that government should be an instrument for compassion, not cruelty.” That’s pretty strong language even for a progressive Democrat, but is not inconsistent with Preckwinkle’s history, even if it was crafted with an apparent eye on voters.
I have a throwback to share with you much later with regards to Preckwinkle, and hopefully this is something she considers as she seeks the mayor's office.

UPDATE: Oh yeah if you want to see her recent speech to the City Club watch the 40 min footage here [VIDEO]

POLITIFACT: The 2019 Chicago mayor’s race is heating up #CHGOMayor2019

Published on Veteran's Day and probably before the withdrawal of Troy LaRaviere & the entrance of Susana Mendosa
Seventeen would-be contenders have already tossed their names into the race to fill Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s seat in February. That crowded field will almost surely thin before the end of this month when candidates file signatures to appear on the ballot. But it’s likely the key issues that have defined the contest so far, including gun violence, pension debt and public education, will remain important throughout the race.

So we decided to take a look at the stances several big names in the race recently took on those topics amid all the sound and fury in the days leading up to Nov. 6 and review what we’d fact-checked before.
The three key issues

  • violent crime
  • city finances
  • public education

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

CAPITOL FAX: Mendosa react #CHGOMayor2019

What you see over at the CapFax is reaction to current Illinois state comptroller Susana Mendosa entering the 2019 mayor's race. Former police superintendent Garry McCarthy is one notable one as well as the IL GOP who took a trouncing last week.

Besides where have they been, they should find a Republican to run for mayor in Chicago. Why are they commenting on how self-serving Mendosa is?
IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE RACE FOR MAYOR OF CHICAGO. Candidates are still in the petition signature phase and after that, the worry becomes what issue can opponents find to knock candidates out of the race.
Mayoral campaigns are required to collect 12,500 signatures from registered Chicago voters to appear on the ballot. Candidates often aim to collect three times that amount to ensure they’ll have enough support to stay on the ballot as the validity of petition signatures often is challenged by rivals in proceedings before election officials.

Candidates can begin filing petitions Monday, and the final deadline to do so is Nov. 26.
The candidate for mayor who dropped out yesterday, indicated that he wouldn't be able to collect those 12.5K signatures before the deadline and thus drops out. And I wrote more about his candidacy in addition to one who's starting his campaign at The Sixth Ward.

WELL AFTER WINNING RE-ELECTION TO STATE COMPTROLLER LAST WEEK Susana Mendoza throws her hat in the ring to run for mayor, finally. Here's a press release seen on our state politics blog Capitol Fax and a video below [VIDEO]
WIKIPEDIA HAS A LISTING OF ALL CANDIDATES FOR MAYOR IN 2019. This includes not only declared also potential and withdrawn (which also includes the current Mayor Rahm Emanuel).
Flag of Chicago

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

OUT OF THE BLUE. So far since reactivating this blog there has been a hodge podge of posts about a variety of subjects. However, with the open seat for Mayor of Chicago now being contested in earnest now that the midterms are over it's time to devote some coverage to that.

I've heard there were 18 candidates running and not all of them are going to survive at least petition challenges. One dropped out today as well. Regardless it would be interesting to see who could emerge as the front runner as none has so far.
Flag of Chicago

STOSSEL: The enemy of capitalism? Capitalists!

Basically another video about the minimum wage. [VIDEO]
FROM YESTERDAY AT NEWSALERT: I think I could deal with a Deval Patrick presidential campaign. He has the executive experience that Barack Obama lacked. I hope he's interested so I could take a look at him although that also means the other side will look at him as well.

Monday, November 12, 2018

COLLEGE FIX: Teacher who pummeled student after being called N-word gets over $150K GoFundMe help

I think the facts of the story before getting to the GoFundMe campaign is disturbing. Perhaps the teacher wasn't right for assaulting the student however the student did in some ways disrespect the teacher. I'm not just talking about the racial epithet, just other general actions also.

YEAH HE'D BETTER: Pete Davidson Apologizes to Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw - SNL

Dan Crenshaw is a former Navy Seal who won a congressional seat last Tuesday in Texas. Before the midterms there was a sketch I will not share here that made fun of Crenshaw.[VIDEO]
WRESTLETALK: Roman Reigns leukemia update.

About four minutes into this video. You can click here to watch that segment unless of course you want to watch the whole video which shares other pro-wrestling news. [VIDEO]
MARK DICE: What Do We Have Here?

Dice's take on Black Lives Matter and their activism as far as forcing police departments using body cams for most police stops. This was uploaded to YouTube in May 2018. [VIDEO]

Sunday, November 11, 2018

WWE: Would you rather be WWE or Universal Champion? A light hearted video about the top championships of the SmackDown & Raw brands of the WWE.

The criticisms of the Universal championship is mostly about the design. My criticism is certainly that Brock Lesnar ran away with the title for about a year and unfortunately won it again - you know since Roman Reigns had to give it up due to illness.

What I can agree with is that since it doesn't have the lineage of the WWE championship on SmackDown Live it's definitely a title that any champion can make it's own. From Finn Balor (who gave it up due to injury) to Kevin Owens to Bill Goldberg to Brock Lesnar to Roman Reigns they can create their own legacy with the belt. They also can contribute to creating a lineage for the championship. [VIDEO]
VIRTUAL RAILFAN: On this Veterans' Day I share this video of a "smokin train". You will see a fire from a locomotive pass by the train station of LaPlata, Missouri. You can watch the Virtual Railfan webcam at LaPlata, MO on It's My Mind. [VIDEO]

Saturday, November 10, 2018

I WOULD FIND THIS UNACCEPTABLE AS A BLACK MALE. Here’s 11 times young black men were railroaded by campus sexual assault claims
In 2011, the Obama administration told universities to implement judicial policies that benefited students who accuse peers of sexual assault. This guidance stripped away most of the due process rights for the accused, throwing their basic constitutional protections out the window in favor of believe-the-survivor procedures within Title IX campus tribunals.

Last year, under the Trump administration, the Department of Education rescinded Obama’s regulatory guidance — but the damage has already been done.

Six years’ worth of dismal due process rights for the accused has led to hundreds of young men fighting sexual assault claim allegations in court. Even more concerning, this lack of protection has rendered one group particularly vulnerable — young black men.
I want justice for victims of sexual assualt, however, we should also want to avoid ruining the lives of those who are innocent. This is what I'm concerned about especially if you just want to believe the survivor and not allow the accused to defend themselves.

This link and another to be shared at a later time were sent to me earlier in the week.
I NEVER KNEW ABOUT THIS REPUBLIC OF INDIAN STREAM. That's the subject of this video which illustrated over two centuries ago this small independent country was in disputed territory between British controlled Canada and the United States of America. [VIDEO]
BTW, I can do without the blatant ad near the end of this video. Eh, I can't be mad at the hustle.