Friday, November 24, 2017

MARK DICE: Trolling Black Friday Shoppers

This one is pretty hilarious just wait until you see him go to a Barnes & Noble bookstore. Black Friday shoppers are at Walmart, Target, and even Best Buy. He trolled them good with a fake radio news broadcast. [VIDEO]
HOW ABOUT THIS, A TOP TWO ELECTORAL SYSTEM? Two candidates regardless of party will face-off in a general election. Essentially the top two candidates in an open primary. [VIDEO]

THE GRIO: Here’s what you should know about the injustice of Cyntoia Brown
In 2004, Cyntoia was arrested in Tennessee for the murder of Johnny Mitchell Allen, 43, a Nashville real estate agent and child predator who paid to have sex with the teen. Allen drove Brown to his house in his pickup truck. She shot him in the back of the head, in bed, with a .40-caliber gun after she reportedly feared for her life.

The 2011 PBS documentary, Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story, details what this young woman suffered. Brown was living with a 24-year old drug dealer, pimp and armed robber named “Cut-throat,” who forced her into prostitution. She was regularly raped, choked, beaten and drugged.
Born with fetal alcohol syndrome to a white teen mother with a history of intergenerational abuse who was unable to take care of her, Brown’s childhood was one of psychological trauma, of physical and sexual violence. The girl confessed to the killing and did not have legal representation. She was tried as an adult, and the jury was not told of her mental disability.

In 2006, Brown was found guilty and sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after 51 years, meaning she is not eligible for parole until age 69.
A really messed up story and I'm rooting for her to get out of prison long before she turns 69!

MARK DICE: Libtards Upset by Thanksgiving! Mayim Bialik, Joy Reid, etc. expressing their thoughts on Thanksgiving seeing this as a geonicidal holiday.

Later on I want to share with you Mark Dice's video published today with regards to these "Black Friday zombies". [VIDEO]
The young Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia refers to Iran's Supreme Leader as the Hitler of the Middle East good one!
NBC NEWS: Stores across the U.S. opened on Thanksgiving Day to tempt shoppers into buying early bargains

PRAGER U: Everyone Should Stand for the National Anthem [VIDEO]
Trump hasn’t ushered in a new era of American isolationism. And despite the dire warnings of creeping authoritarianism, there are no gulags in the United States today. Quite the opposite, there are plenty of checks on Trump’s power. Federal judges have narrowed his travel ban, blocked his cut of funding for sanctuary cities, and stopped his ban on transgender troops. He has not changed libel laws to go after a free press, restored waterboarding, or built his border wall. Heck, he could not even repeal Obamacare. Our system of Constitutional checks and balances works — in some cases, too well.

The republic will survive the Trump presidency, and so will the Republican Party. I don’t buy the argument that Trump is doing irreversible damage to the GOP or the Republican brand. Nixon resigned in disgrace in 1974, and six years later we were inaugurating Ronald Reagan and then it was Morning in America again. If Trump does end up dragging the Republican Party down, all it takes is one great leader to resurrect it.
Now I started this post a little counter-intuitively or actually have I? We're supposed to turn into a fascist, authoritarian, or totalitarian dictatorship. Yet - even if I may not be happy with what the courts are doing - that's not our system. The judges aren't being thrown in jail for their rulings and as stated Trump and Congress couldn't close the deal on destroying Obamacare. 

h/t Instapundit
I MISSED THIS ONE ABOUT SANDY SPRINGS, GA. They incorporated within the past decade in Georgia and have mostly privatized their services such as road maintenance and garbage pickup. They just hadn't privatized or outsourced police and fire services. [VIDEO]

Thursday, November 23, 2017

ON THANKSGIVING THIS IS THE ONE DAY I WILL TAKE THE DAY OFF. It seems my level of posting goes up and down on occasion, today will just be one I will skip. Feel free however to check my twitter feed @levois I seem to retweet more often than it seems I post here.

Also feel free to check out A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving which I will also post over at The Sixth Ward & Shedd School blog. [VIDEO]

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

AND SADLY THIS ALSO HAPPENED RECENTLY. David Cassidy 1970s teen idol and star of the sitcom The Partridge Family passed away.
FAILED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU ON MONDAY. The death of Touched by an Angel star Della Reese.
IF I HAD FOLLOWED THIS ADVICE YEARS AGO, WHERE I BE NOW. Could I still get to the benchmarks noted in this video?

via @cnbcmakeit: Here's how much money you should have saved at every age.

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SUDDENLY BLACK? This news story published to the YouTube channel of Morehouse College shares a story - which featured comments by a Morehouse psychology professor - discusses a white family in Georgia who discovers Black ancestry. Even better a woman from this white family realizes that they are related a Georgia news anchor. It's pretty cool, I suppose even if we hold on to our racial or ethnic identity we're all mixed with something. [VIDEO]

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

And then The Hill writes:
Trump often writes optimistic comments about the economy. The economy under former President Obama was a frequent target of his criticism during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump’s Monday morning tweet comes after the House last week passed a tax-reform bill that includes slashes to the corporate rate.

The Senate is currently working on its own version of tax-reform legislation that, unlike the House bill, delays the cut to the corporate rate.

Bloomberg reported last week that economic researchers with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. predicted unemployment will be at 3.7 percent at the end of next year. The researchers also predicted that the Federal Reserve will up interest rates four times in 2018.
h/t Instapundit

CNBC: The 5 worst things employees have done right before they quit

Of course no matter how you feel about a place or the people within that place, never do these things. Except for the Hogwarts thing that was funny!
CAPITOL FAX: State GOP again demands that Durbin and Duckworth give away their Franken money

Fallout from the sexual assault allegations of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN)

Monday, November 20, 2017

PRAGER U: The Key to Unhappiness

Gratitude is the key to happiness if you all are curious! [VIDEO]
FOX BUSINESS: Trump slams LaVar Ball for being ungrateful

Needless to say LaVar Ball is an idiot. He just wanted to attack the President and did so. It didn't matter if he helped release his son from jail in China! [VIDEO]

Sunday, November 19, 2017


In the Times, Keri Claussen Khalighi, an aspiring model who was 17 when she met the music mogul, says Simmons asked for forgiveness decades after he allegedly assaulted her and coerced her to perform oral sex while Ratner was present. Ratner was a rising music video producer at the time, according to the report.

A year ago, Khalighi, now 43, said she saw Simmons at the Soho House in West Hollywood. As she told the Times, he “poured his heart out in a really touching, remorseful apology” for his behavior, and said she could call him to talk further.

“He knew what he had done; I knew what he had done,” she said. “That's also why it was so vindicating, because it was there, acknowledged.”
 This behavior is everywhere and right now quite damaging. Besides it's wrong to coerce anyone into engaging in any sexual acts.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

BEEN FINDING VIDEOS ABOUT DETROIT. Nothing that are more recent, however, what about this idea of libertarian enclaves in Detroit. It's not like there isn't enough space where this wouldn't take root. Thanks to Reason. [VIDEO]
It was bad enough that the sycophantic Hollywood media was pretending that a $110 million opening weekend for Justice League would have been anywhere near acceptable. Unfortunately for all concerned, the cold reality of the Harveywood scandal combined with the loss of faith in DC to tell a worthwhile story delivered even worse news — a horrific opening of just $93 million.

No one will say this, but just like the Harveywoood taint on Matt Damon and George Clooney helped to doom Suburbicon, so too did it damage Justice League. Like his pals Damon and Clooney, the DC Universe’s Batman, Ben Affleck, got his big break, his start, thanks to Harvey Weinstein, and did so during Harvey’s halcyon days at Miramax.

You cannot think of Ben without thinking of Harvey, and to make matters worse, last month, Affleck himself was accused of groping numerous women. So far he has only acknowledged and apologized to one, while at the same time strenuously denying he knew anything about his mentor’s alleged predations.
It's a shame Justice League was great, however, the bad track record of DC extended universe as far as storylines and the Weinstein gate probably will depress theater box offices. And on top of that might Affleck decide to give up his cape as Batman in the near future?

h/t Newsalert