Saturday, June 24, 2017

WHAT'S GOING ON IN ILLINOIS? Rich Miller's column on a recent address by Gov. Bruce Rauner. Governors - in any state - don't have the same platform or reach as a President. Regardless his speech that was broadcast primarily on fb this past week. Miller comments on how well Rauner did.

Friday, June 23, 2017

SPEAKING OF THE MIDDLE CLASS in America: "In a new book, Richard Reeves has some uncomfortable truths for the upper middle class in America"

I want to find this book although it has been said there is a different between being a white middle-class person versus a Black middle-class person.
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THE NEW OWNERS OF THE former Seaway National Bank of Chicago (Self-Help FCU) advertised via instagram a recent PBS documentary called Against All Odds: The Fight for a Black Middle Class by journalist Bob Herbert.

One of the reasons I started The Sixth Ward almost 10 years ago was to highlight among other communities in Chicago, the Chatham neighborhood. Chatham is often noted as a bastion of the Black middle class, unfortunately it's a neighborhood that on the downswing for the moment.

This is something I hope to blog about over at The Sixth Ward in the near future as soon as I finish watching.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

THE SIXTH WARD: A further continuation on the decline of Black Chicago.
YES! Thank you Stevie Wonder! "Black People Can’t Kill Each Other And Then Say ‘Black Lives Matter’"
“It is in your hands to stop all the killing and all the shooting wherever it might be. Because you cannot say black lives matter and then kill yourselves,” Wonder told those gathered at the North Minneapolis Peace Conference. 
“Because you know we’ve mattered long before it was said, but the way we show that we matter, the way that we show all the various people of color matter is by loving each other and doing something about it. Not just talking about it, not just waiting to see the media and press come when there’s a horrible thing,” Wonder continued.
“The first thing you must do is stop believing the fallacy of you not being important,” Wonder said. “Because it is completely unacceptable for one to hate themselves so much that anyone that looks like you, you want to kill.” 
Even better here's some video of Mr. Wonder [VIDEO]
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AN OLD YOUTUBE favorite artistmac takes a brief trip to Detroit and peeps that new QLine light rail which opened recently. Wrote my thoughts about this over at It's My Mind

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

THE JEFF BEZOS EMPIRE: The graphic you see at this link reflects his recent purchase of Whole Foods Market. Little did I know he has his hand in some any enterprises including Twitter and the Washington Post.
THE TIMES WE LIVE IN: "I Don’t Mind Using Preferred Pronouns. I Mind Being Forced Into It"

We are in an era of thought control. When someone can find anything they consider discriminatory or non-inclusive.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

DOWN THERE IN Georgia we had a special congressional election, the Republican won.

I NOW KNOW A LOT MORE ABOUT THE case of Dennis Hastert. Hastert was an Illinois congressman who became the longest serving speaker of the house from 1999 to 2007 and years after the end of his political career was taken down for structuring his cash withdrawals. And it was in connection with some alleged sexual abuse as a former high school teacher.

So this article discusses the case and the media's response to it. Especially the Chicago Tribune which was to create a narrative that ends the story. The ending leaves any further questions unanswered. Now I have one, who was the person that attempted to extort Hastert for large sums of money.

What a nasty, gross, and mysterious story.

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