Saturday, February 24, 2018

SOMETHING PONDERED AT IT'S MY MIND TWO WEEKS AGO. Time to set up a tip jar at any of my blogs?
SMARTER LIVING: This is how you get stuff done

Also known as how to defeat procrastination. How many of us have such a problem?

Friday, February 23, 2018


WHILE I POSTED THIS OVER AT IT'S MY MIND, IT'S TIME TO SHARE THIS AGAIN. Where is Morehouse alum Tim Cunningham. He's been missing for almost two weeks in Atlanta, Georgia. I will share this ig post from our alma mater just so that you all will know what he looks like. Very odd case and hopefully he's safe and sound out there somewhere.
I SET UP A RAILCAM PAGE OVER AT IT'S MY MIND. A YouTube channel known as Virtual Railfan has a few live feeds that include La Plata, Missouri; Flagstaff, Arizona; Ashland, Virginia to name a few locals. I chose the feeds from La Plata & Flagstaff because those are stops on Amtrak's Southwest Chief. While I often enjoy watching Amtrak trains stop and take off from those locations, you will see freight traffic as well.
SINCE I DID MENTION THE RECENT SNOW STORM FROM EARLIER THIS MONTH, I feature over at Shedd School blog a video by artistmac about the politics of snow. A politician's response to a snow storm has meant the different between remaining in office or being a has been.
NOTED THE PASSING OF A MOREHOUSE ALUM LERONE BENNETT. He died last week and even shared a video where he talked about Abraham Lincoln.
THERE WAS A BUST OF ABE LINCOLN ON THE SOUTH SIDE. Thankfully we have dedicated public servants who know that this is a historic figure and we need to protect statues like there. Unfortunately Lincoln - the man who freed the slaves - is subject to the whims of SJWs who want to punish historic figures for things they did or represent in their lifetimes.
UNDER A DIFFERENT ITERATION I BROUGHT BACK AN OLD BLOG. My Mind's Eye where basically I hope to share pics taken on my phone. One of the featured post was a video taken during major snowstorm that took place this month. I'll share it here as well. [VIDEO]

OVER AT SHEDD SCHOOL BLOG - A "NINTH WARD" BLOG, old news over a current gubernatorial candidate's long ago comments made on a wiretap with corrupt political legend ousted governor Rod Blagojevich. Blago is mostly known for attempting to auction off President Obama's old US Senate seat for the highest bidder.

The controversy is J.B. Pritzker - running for the Democrat nomination for governor - made comments categorizing Black Illinois politicos as either crass or safe. It of course caused offense amongst some in the Black community.

EARLIER THIS WEEK I SHARED ANOTHER VIDEO FROM VICTOR MAGGIO. Maggio is currently doing a series on the top 10 violent neighborhoods in Chicago - actually community areas. Click on the tweet below and you'll be able to see the vid at The Sixth Ward.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

ONE IDEA I DID HAVE FOR THIS BLOG ARE TO SHARE POSTS FROM MY OTHER BLOGS. While it's not the most effective idea to gain readership, one thing I did want to do was at least share what I have been doing on my other blogs. As of this moment and effective way of providing content for this blog, wouldn't you say?

Many of those posts that I hope to share here won't be very timely, however, just an indication of what I have been blogging about lately!
I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT THIS PLACE. I just haven't had much inclination to post here much as of late. Though to satisfy your appetites about this segment of History's Pawn Stars where Rick Harrison checks out Abraham Lincoln's parlor card. It features a photography from the great early American photography Matthew Brady who was well know for his images from the Civil War. [VIDEO]

Monday, February 19, 2018

VSB: We Need To Start Barking At White People Who Speak Out Of Turn

Look at the title and don't tell me that you're not saying to yourself "are you kidding me?"
BICENTENNIAL OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS' BIRTH. The famed Black abolitionist is in the news with the left attempting to distort Douglass' legacy. To start I didn't know he was an ordained minister, so is the left trying to dismiss religion as an imporant part of life in America of the 19th century. [VIDEO]

Sunday, February 18, 2018

THIS VIDEO IS ONLY TWO YEARS OLD FROM REASON. In light of the horrendous school shooting that took place in Florida, it's been making its rounds once again. In tragedies like this we hearing calls for more gun control. And in the media saturation of this story, I'm beginning to this the issues with these shootings go beyond gun control that we must be concerned about. [VIDEO]
THE CHICAGO BLACK HAWKS HANDLED THIS WELL ON SATURDAY NIGHT! Some fans decided to taunt a Black player for the Washington Capitals. They chanted "basketball" at him almost as if saying he's playing the wrong sport. Even an NHL franchise knows that a racial incident could result in a PR crisis if it wasn't handled at all. In this case those fans were ejected from the United Center. [VIDEO]

Thursday, February 15, 2018

FORBES: 25 Colleges With ‘No Student Loans’

These schools have found a way around the student loan business. Good on them for being somewhat creative. Still a long way to go on Instapundit's so-called higher ed bubble.